Postgame Quotes: #23 Michigan 42, Iowa 17

Nov. 17, 2012

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Michigan Head Coach Brady Hoke

On making use of the different offensive weapons ... "I think Al (Borges) and that staff did a great job of incorporating the skill sets that both guys (Denard Robinson and Devin Gardner) have at the same time. Some of those other guys who are a big part of it when you look at playmakers, they were involved."

On the evolution of the offensive schemes ... "There is probably a little more two-back stuff, obviously. I think our receivers have done a good job catching the ball; they've had good concentration. They've been doing a great job with their hands, which is part of it. I think up front offensively, we're creating a little more in there and we're getting the safeties out a little bit because of some of the play-action game. The whole time we're trying to put playmakers in positions to be successful."

On getting Denard Robinson involved with the offense ... "Al and I have talked about this quite a bit. Al went home last Saturday night and put in nine plays, while he was watching games and thinking about different ways to use him. He had those nine and then about six more different ways, and that's kind of how it happened. Al's got a very innovative look at offensive football. Both of our coordinators that way have a nice two-box, of offense and defense, that they can pull from to really help the playmakers and put them in the right positions."

On Borges' innovative schemes ... "This has been something that we've talked about for 18 months; if we get to this point, how do we want to do it, how would you do it, where would you use the skill sets of the guys in the game."

On getting hurt by the tight ends and running game early ... "They caught us off balance a bit on two drives. They can get you off balance when they have the ability to run the football. They were able to run the football a little bit, and then on the second downs and on some first down play-actions, they hit the tight end. I didn't feel like we were settled within the defense like we wanted to be. I do think the players really saw what they had and started playing more fundamentally and with better technique."

On the young defensive players seeing action ... "Both those young kids (James Ross III and Joe Bolden) are both a big part of our football team this year. They're both good football players. We think they have good instincts, which you need to have at linebacker. I think spelling Kenny (Demens) a little bit with Joe (Bolden) helps Kenny's game. Desmond (Morgan) wasn't available today. I think James (Ross) did a good job."

On the injury to Fitzgerald Toussaint ... "He's in the hospital right now having surgery. They're going to repair him and he'll be good as new. I talked to him a little bit down there on the field at the end. Our prayers are for him and with him as a team. He'll be in good shape."

U-M Senior Quarterback Denard Robinson

On his senior legacy ... "It means a lot, it is hard to put into words what this means to me, just to be able to lead this team as one of the guys picked by the team to be a captain and their leader. It is kind of hard to swallow right now because it is coming to an end."

On the difficulty of being injured for the past three weeks ... "I've been getting treatment a lot, they have been telling me a lot of stuff and I've just been getting treatment and day by day I've been getting better. Once I got the chance to get the go-ahead, I went out and started practicing, start playing a lot of stuff."

On if he pushed to play in today's game ... "I think everyone knew -- if they know me -- they know that I'm going to do whatever it takes for the team. I'm the type of person who, if I can go, I'm going to go and not hold back because I am going to do whatever for this team, my family."

On his thoughts going off the field for the last time ... "Just all of the memories that I have with the team and being with these guys. Everything that we went through, the ups and downs in this stadium, just the memories that kept going through my head."

On playing in the Big House in front of 110,000 fans ... "To be honest, it is an honor to be playing in front of so many people cheering for you and they can't wait to see you play and the team come out of the tunnel and the winged helmet on the field. I just want to say thank you to everyone who ever came out and supported us. I know that me personally, I love them, I love the fans and appreciate them."

U-M Junior Quarterback Devin Gardner

On his six touchdowns ... "It was a great game. We line-blocked well, ran the ball well, Denard (Robinson) ran the ball well, Roy (Roundtree) caught the ball well. Every receiver that caught a ball caught a tough pass. I'm happy about that."

On whether he knew U-M's offensive game plan would work ... "Oh yeah, because it really worked on our defense. They had a rough time. Every time after practice in the locker room, they told us that Iowa would have a problem with that. That was enough for me. I felt like if they knew from one practice to the next that it was coming and still couldn't stop it, then the other team would definitely not be able to stop it."

On his development as a quarterback ... "After every game, I get coached up on everything I did wrong. I try not to make the same mistakes. Of course, you're going to make new mistakes -- like I threw an interception today on a cover two corner that I should have seen -- but then you can't let those happen again."

U-M Senior Wide Receiver Roy Roundtree

On when he started to catch with his hand instead of his body ... "Back in the spring when coach (Jeff) Hecklinski had a tennis ball and had all the wide receivers working on eye coordination. It's something I've really work on this year, using my hands away from my body. It really helps, because if the defender is on your back, you've got to have strong hands."

On his advice to younger teammates about the Ohio State game ... "Finish. It's the last game of the year, playing Ohio. Ever since those guys got here, we bring it up and say 'Beat Ohio.' I'm pretty sure they know this week is totally focused. It's Thanksgiving break, so there's more time for film."

U-M Fifth-year Senior Linebacker Kenny Demens

On winning every game at Michigan Stadium for two years ... "It means a lot. After the game today, I didn't want to leave the stadium. Just from where we came from -- less successful season -- to be where we are now, it means a lot. You've grown up with these guys. It's a great feeling."

On Iowa's early success from the tight end position ... "They got into space. I covered the guy. They have some great tight ends. He's a big guy and he runs well. They just put him into space and let him do what he does. We talked about trying to make him as one dimensional as possible and got some pressure in there. That took some things away from him."

U-M Fifth-year Senior Safety Jordan Kovacs

On head coach Brady Hoke's displeasure with the defensive effort ... "I talk about that all the time -- the high standards that coach (Greg) Mattison and coach (Brady) Hoke set. I think Iowa put together a couple of nice drives and we didn't do a good job on first down. I think the key to stopping them was stopping them on first down and (getting) them out of their running game. They had some success on first down and third down and we can't let that happen. But I think in the second half, we did a much better job on first down and put them at third-and-long a couple of times. We have to tip our hats to the offense. We were controlling the ball and controlling the game, and ultimately, that's what won us the game."

On playing in his final home game ... "It was bittersweet. Obviously it was a big win for us, which was exciting, but for it to be the last time in the Big House -- I'm not ready for it to end. It's been quite the journey and I'm ready to ride it out. It's not over yet. We still have a couple more."

Iowa Head Coach Kirk Ferentz

Opening remarks ... "Clearly not a lot of positives on our side of the ball. We did some good things on special teams. I thought our offense at times looked good. Defensively, we just did not have any answers for their attack and that became apparent pretty quickly. Credit them, they did a great job and played an excellent game. We will go back to work tomorrow on a short week here and see what we can do about getting ready for the next game."

On the offense having a strong start ... "We had a false start on the first play of the game I believe, which made it 1st and 15 and we couldn't overcome that. The next two series were really good. We took it down and scored and put it in the end zone. It was great to see Henry Krieger Coble come up with that touchdown. We did a nice job on that. (James) Vandenberg did a nice job with us. We came back on the next one and ended up short with a field goal, but we drove the ball a couple of times there. I thought in the second half we had a couple of good drives, but we were playing from pretty far behind at that stage, so it was tough to get back in there."

On Michigan wide receiver's success ... "A big part of it is that quarterback (Devin Gardner) does a nice job. He is elusive back there, tough to bring down and tough to contain first of all. You think you have got him and he buys time. They have got very good skilled players and they have had that traditionally. It looks to me that they have got it again. I think they have three very good receivers not including if (Denard) Robinson goes out there. That quarterback has really done a nice job. I saw him play as a young player, but this year he has played really well. The last couple of games he has played basically the same way. We didn't do a great job keeping up with those guys when we were in the right coverage, and then we dropped a couple of coverages too, which made it really easy for them."

On the tight ends play today ... "That is something we have always hoped to do and try to do. I think probably the biggest difference was we ran the ball better after the catch. Henry (Krieger Coble) didn't have a chance on that one he came open on the seam route there. The big thing is if you get the run after catch, which is true of the passing game in general; it was good to see."

Iowa Fullback Mark Weisman

On the game overall ... "We got too far behind. We had to try to put points up quickly and we just didn't get it done."

On coming off an injury ... "I was not really that close at all. The last couple of weeks were pretty much ruled out. It has just kept getting better and better and finally it hit that point where it got pretty good -- almost 100 percent."

On the tight ends play ... "We feed off each other definitely. They were playing great out there. Give them credit. The tight ends were good, and (James) Vandenberg was getting them the ball too."

On trying to catch up for most of the game ... "I don't think it is frustrating. You can't let it get frustrating. You have to keep fighting through, keep being physical out there since that is how we play. You do not want to get into that type of match with them."

Iowa Tight End Henry Krieger Coble

On catching a touchdown pass ... "We just did a couple of go routes, and we knew C.J. (Fiedorowicz) was going to be open and it just ended up being me. It was definitely a good feeling."

On the tight ends play today ... "We got our fair share of looks today, which was nice. It was just another way of us trying to help everybody out. If we get a lot of passes that is good for us."

On the upcoming Nebraska game ... "We have to play a lot better than we have been lately. That is all I can say. Definitely it would be good, we are excited for the final game."

On earning playing time in practice ... "I don't want to say I earned it in anyway special. We all are getting our fair share of reps and one of us is going to go in there and help the team. Somebody has to do their job."

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