Letter to the Fans from the Hoke Family

Jan. 14, 2011

To All Wolverine Fans,

We want to take this opportunity to tell you how excited we are to represent you and this great university. We are equally excited to be back in Ann Arbor with so many familiar faces from the past. There is nowhere else we'd rather be.

Tuesday, we made the decision to return to Michigan. It was a special day for our family, but the enthusiasm and support that we received Wednesday was overwhelming and put into perspective how great and special Michigan really is. It was a memorable day for our family.

We have always said our goal was to lead the Michigan football program. It was great to meet and have lunch with our current players and to have such great support from so many former players and coaches at the press conference and reception. When we received the standing ovation and show of support at the basketball game, it made that dream come to life in a way we never imagined.

We have had some great meetings with our players over the past two days and expect many more over the weekend before heading out recruiting. We have a lot of work to do between now and the time we walk down that tunnel on Sept. 3, but we are all up to the task of playing championship football. We can't wait to get on the field and start practicing with these young men who represent you and this great university.

We want to thank everyone -- former players and coaches, alumni and fans -- who has embraced our family and this current TEAM. You mean a lot and we look forward to an exciting future.

Thank you so much and Go Blue!

Brady, Laura and Kelly Hoke

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