Coach Lloyd Carr Comments from Signing Day
U-M Head Coach Lloyd Carr Comments from
Signing Day Press Conference

Carr on the overall 1998 recruiting class
"The truth is we are not going to know for sometime about the quality of this recruiting class. However, I am very pleased with the quality of young men that will be coming to Ann Arbor in the fall. We expect a number of these young men to contribute much the way so many true freshmen played this last season. Freshman are going to have to play because that is the nature of college football today. It is a very well rounded class and as I look at the class as a whole I am very pleased with the type of kids we got. It is important for us to integrate them into our program as quickly as possible."

Carr on this class being ranked number 1 or 2
"In terms of the rankings, they probably do a much better job of ranking classes now than they did ten years ago, simply because the people doing the rankings have been doing it for a long time now. However, you also have to remember that a couple of years ago a team won the Big Ten Championship after they had never been ranked anywhere near the top in recruiting. Getting the players is easy, getting them to play together is the hard part. Things like chemistry and attitude are going to have a far greater impact on the success of this class than any rankings."

Carr on the needs that this class fills
"It was important for us to recruit a couple of good receivers because Russell Shaw will be leaving along with Charles Woodson, both of whom played an integral part in our passing game. In addition, Tai Streets will be a senior next year. We recruited two wide receivers (Marquis Walker and David Terrell) who I think will have an immediate opportunity to play so we helped ourselves there. They both possess great size and ability."

Carr on Drew Henson
"I was pleased with the kids we got from the state of Michigan. This Henson kid has a great future as does Larry Foote who is coming to Michigan as a linebacker. Henson has had the advantage of playing in an outstanding program as well as the fact that his father is a coach. He is coming in more developed than the average guy in addition to being blessed with outstanding physical ability. How quickly he plays will depend on well he adjusts to the speed of the game. I do not have any question that he will be an outstanding quarterback, the only question is how quickly he picks things up."

Carr on Justin Fargas
"This is a California kid who was being heavily recruited by both USC and UCLA and could have gone anywhere in the country. The bottom line is that he was under tremendous pressure to stay home in southern California. However, he came in here last summer with his father for a short visit and I knew at that time he liked Michigan. It was during that visit that we talked about what his goals were and last night I just reminded him of those goals. I was very happy to see that fax come in this morning"

Carr on Larry Foote
"Larry was a defensive back in high school. However, he is now around 215 pounds and getting bigger. Therefore, from a position standpoint we are looking at him to play linebacker. I do think he is a guy who will play early and we are expecting great things from him. He is a physical who player who plays with the type of emotion and intensity that any coach would like. He also fits very well into the scheme of things we are doing defensively."

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