Spring Football Q&A with Roy Roundtree
Roy Roundtree

March 23, 2012

Roy Roundtree (Trotwood, Ohio/Trotwood-Madison) addressed the media on Thursday following the team's fourth spring practice. Roundtree discussed his new leadership role as the lone senior wideout, Denard Robinson's growth and stepping into the flanker position.

Question: On keeping a great attitude all season despite a decrease in his receptions.

Answer: "I was just buying in, listening to what the coaches were saying. I wasn't going out there and looking at the numbers or the stats in each game. I was going out there and just competing. It paid off with going to the Sugar Bowl and winning. That was a great season for us."

Q: On if it was difficult transition to not being the main target every game.

A: "Not at all. At any point in the game you can get the ball. Just seeing the seniors do well last year, leading this team, and I was just looking up to them. I probably only had one catch a game, but I [had to] make that catch effective."

Q: On not being targeted on more pass plays.

A: "Our goal for the season (as receivers) was knockdowns and try to have more knockdowns than the others. I wasn't really worried about the ball because the quarterback had the ball in his hands and was making the right decisions."

Q: On moving to the flanker position this year.

A: "It is something I am interested in now, making plays in a new position. I am getting comfortable at it. With more motions you really have to stay in shape. You are moving around all the time, lining up in the slot, or lining up outside. It is something I am trying to learn in spring ball."

Q: On noticing differences with Denard Robinson this spring.

A: "The timing is there more this year. He is making better reads, staying composed back there. Now he knows the offense and is fluid, so practice goes smoothly. I do not see him frustrated or anything. He is reading the defenses well, just taking his time, and you can actually hear the play in the huddle. I talk about him all the time being so country you can hardly hear him, but now being in the offense for a year we can hear him better."

Q: On Denard's improvement.

A: "As a quarterback you are going to have your ups and downs. As a wide receiver it is our job to make the plays. If it's a low ball, we have to catch the low ball, that's what our coaches always say to us. You can't just blame everything on the quarterback because they might be getting rushed half the time, while we are coming out of our routes. You never know until you watch it on film. But he's really been fluid in his passing, getting better. Just seeing him healthy and composed back there, making things right."

Q: On tight end Brandon Moore.

A: "He's my roommate. I talk to him every day and practice with him. Him being a senior, he has the leadership. We always say that seniors need to have leadership. He's been doing well, catching the ball good, running great routes, and blocking. This is his year, I feel like. If he goes out there and practices and shows the coaches that he can be trusted out there, he is really going to make an impact this season."

Q: On Moore's personality off the field.

A: "He is shy, calm, smart. He doesn't really do anything. Half the time he is playing with his dog, the big Doberman that he has, Cain. I don't mess with dogs. I got bit when I was younger, so I don't mess with them. It's a house dog, but every time I'm there my door is closed (laughs)."

Q: On Denard's leadership role....

A: "He has been outgoing this year. Being a quarterback that is what it takes. Everybody is looking up to the quarterback. Just seeing him become a senior, saying how time went by so fast. Now everybody is going to be looking up to him. All of our seniors have to have leadership like the Team 132 seniors did."

Q: On Denard being more vocal.

A: "He was a shy kid coming in, but now he's matured more, just taking it day by day; like when we work out in partners, just pushing each other."

Q: On the loss of Junior Hemingway.

A: "Being blessed to play as a wide receiver at the University of Michigan. We lost some great wide receivers, but being a senior, I feel like people look at me because I have played the most. I feel like we have a nice group of kids. Most people haven't heard of them yet, but they will."

Q: On mentoring younger players.

A: "It is like I am a teacher out there. It is weird because I did the same thing when I was a freshman, asking the upperclassmen, but now I'm just schooling them. I teach them how to read this coverage on this route, how to get off of press coverage, just the simple stuff because the coaches do a great job teaching the different rules of the offense. All of them are making great catches. That is what is expected of them here. It is not like I haven't seen it before."

Q: On learning from Junior Hemingway.

A: "I talk to him all the time. We are still close friends. He said to stay in shape because you are going to have a lot of motions; reading the defense, something I am already used to, but reading it from the slot position. I am not back at the slot, but it seems like I am with all the motions and getting closer to the inside."

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