2000 FBL vs. Bowling Green -- quotes
Michigan Head Coach Lloyd Carr

On the game ... "I want to give credit to Bowling Green. I thought they played hard, they never quit, and they were just outmanned. We had a better football team and I respect the way they played."

On John Navarre ... "He did a magnificent job. We gave him great protection. I don't think he got knocked down all day. I think there are a lot of positive things there. You saw a great arm. He can throw the football; he reminds me in some ways of Elvis Grbac. He had three balls dropped today. The minute he told me he was coming to Michigan, I felt much better about our quarterback situation."

On the defense ... "I think we're going to get a much, much bigger test next week. Rice is a team that really is skilled in running their offense. I think certainly for a first game we did a lot of good things out there. It was a sloppy game in a lot of ways. I am very unhappy with all the penalties and we turned the ball over twice and got a field goal blocked. Those are things that you just can't do."

Freshman Quarterback John Navarre

On his performance ... "I wasn't concerned with stats. The team played great. I had some mistakes, but I thought we executed well. We ran the ball well, and I threw the ball where I had to."

On tying the school record with four touchdown passes ... "I wasn't even thinking about that. I'm not worried about stats. Right now I am just focussed on the next game. Bowling Green played a great game, and now I am just focusing on Rice."

On the team's offense ... "We had some penalties, but we ran the ball well. We made some great plays. We have to sharpen up on some things, but I think we played well."

On his comfort level for the game ..."At first, I was nervous. I just wanted to make my assignments and run the right plays. But like high school football games, you start to get in a groove after the first couple of series, and that's what I did (today)."

On his discussions with injured QB Drew Henson ..."Instantly, I felt bad for Drew (about his injury). It was a terrible thing. I talked to him. It wasn't like a passing of the torch ... just be calm, stay loose, and that was pretty much it."

Sophomore Wide Receiver Ron Bellamy

On his first reception and touchdown catch ... "That was exciting. I couldn't believe it when it happened. After I caught it I didn't know what to do, I was so excited. I went over to [David] Terrell and celebrated with my teammates."

On the confidence of the offense ... "Today we just went out there and played hard. We told John Navarre to just go out there and play hard and we will help you out there. John, B.J. (Askew) and myself, we are all young guys, so we need to go out there and show the coaches we are ready to play."

Were you expecting to come in and make a sudden impact in the offense ... "Yeah, I really was. I had my mind focused coming into this season and wanted to make an impact in this offense. I just want to help this team."

On John Navarre's performance ..."John did an excellent job today. I was very proud of John. He went out there and played really hard."

Sophomore Running Back Justin Fargas

On playing in his first game in over a year ... "It felt good to be out there and have some contact. Just putting on the uniform in front of these fans felt good."

On his performance ... "I don't have any statistical goals. My only goal was to come in, contribute, stay healthy, and get a win. I came out of here on my feet and with a victory, so I'm happy."

On John Navarre's performance ... "This is Michigan. Anytime someone goes down, someone is ready to step up and play. John Navarre did a great job, and that is what Michigan is all about. That is the expectations at that position and he did just that. We are going to get the job done, no matter what the odds."

Bowling Green Head Coach Gary Blackney

On the game ... "Michigan is the best team we've played against in the past several years. They have great athletes and a great program. I think their quarterback (John Navarre) did an excellent job in his debut. We didn't put a lot of pressure on him, but he showed he was a big-time player."

"I think our defense played great. U-M just wore us down. We had too many three-and-outs. Our offense didn't get it going until we were down 21-0 and by the time the third quarter rolled around our guys were just tired. You could see by our execution that we didn't have a lot of energy by the end of the game."

"We played against the hardest team will play against this season. I don't think we accomplished what we wanted to today, but I told my guys to keep your heads up because they played their hearts out, and I know we are going to be a good football team."

Quarterback Andy Sahm

On the game ... "The Michigan defense played extremely well, but I thought our offensive line did a great job. They gave me time to set up a throw. I thought we did some things right in the passing game and a couple of our young receivers came up big."

Linebacker Mitch Hewitt

On Michigan's offense ... "It was their depth more than anything. They bring in three running backs and their offensive line isn't rated that high for nothing. They have so many talented players, so much depth. They just wore us down."

Punter/Quarterback Ricky Schneider

On punting for the first time since high school ... "I just found out this morning (that first string punter Pat Fleming would not be able to play). Ryan Diepenbrock's a great long snapper. He did all the work. All I had to do was kick the ball."

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