Getting to Know K.C. Lopata
K.C. Lopata
Fifth-year Senior

K.C. Lopata did not see action in his first three seasons as a walk-on kicker until 2007 when he played in nine games, starting eight for the Wolverines. He made his debut in week three against Notre Dame and the following week, made his field-goal kicking debut against Eastern Michigan, tallying nine points. Lopata cemented himself as the starting kicker to start the 2008 season, earning a scholarship from the program. Lopata has been nearly automatic from inside 45 yards in his career, converting on 11 of 12 kicks. His 50-yard field goal against Utah in the 2008 opener beat his previous career long by eight yards.

Full Name (Nickname): Kristoph Charles Lopata (K.C.)
I Can't Live Without: the internet
After My Football Career, I Hope To: be a U.S. Senator
Person Who Had the Biggest Influence of My Life: my brother Kalli
Most Impressive Person I've Ever Met or Know: Lloyd Carr
The Most Famous Person I've Met Is (When And Where): John Kerry (Fall 2003, Detroit Economics Club)
Person In History I'd Most Like To Meet: MLK Jr.
Best Advice I Ever Received was (by whom): prepare for the worst, hope for the best - my mother
My Advice to Young Kids: think of how your actions and choices affect others
Hobbies and Leisure Time Activities: watching movies and reading books
When I Have Free Time I Like To: rent a movie

In a Football Game, Someday I'd Like To: kick a game-winning field goal
If I Was to Play Another Sport, It Would Be: soccer
When I Played Football as a Kid, I Pretended I was: Barry Sanders
The Greatest Football Game I Ever Played in was: 2008 Capital One Bowl
The Best Football Advice I Ever Received was (by whom): "Be ready when your number is called." C Lloyd Carr


Food: Southwestern BBQ Pizza from Pizza House
Late night Snack: Chocolate Milkshake
Place to Eat Out: Real Seafood Company
Cartoon/TV Show Growing Up: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
TV Channel: Fearnet
TV Show: Colbert Report
Magazine To Read:Newsweek
Musician Or Music Group: R.E.M
Book: The Undertaking (Thomas Lynch)
Movie: Big Trouble in Little China
Actor: Johnny Depp
Actress: Jessica Biel
Sports Hero: Lance Armstrong
Superhero: Tek Janson
Cartoon Character: Eric Cartman
CD: Use Your Illusion, Guns N' Roses
Video Game: Golden Eye
Car: Ford Escape Hybrid
Class at U-M: Polsci 314 C American Political Parties
Professor: Hanes Walton (Political Science)

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