1999 FBL vs. Notre Dame -- quotes
Michigan Head Coach Lloyd Carr

On the game ... "A great football game, and obviously a great game for us. My hat's off to the Notre Dame team, they had no quit in them. I'm tremendously proud of our team. We went into this game without the same number of practices. This team came to play, they played with great heart, but it's one game and we've got a long way to go."

On the final minute ... "I told our defensive team they've got one timeout left and once they've used it, they've just got to keep them in bounds. It seemed like an eternity."

On U-M quarterbacks Tom Brady and Drew Henson ... "They both handled a difficult situation and you're hopeful that's what a Michigan football player will always do. The competition was so close, I didn't think it was fair to start one guy and not play the other."

Senior Quarterback Tom Brady

"Beating Notre Dame in the Big House in the opener -- doesn't feel any better than that, doesn't get much better."

On the last drive of the game ... "With four minutes left, you just have to make a decision, you either score and you win or you don't score and you lose. I think we chose the harder way today."

On Anthony Thomas ... "I think Anthony Thomas is the best back in the country. No one is better. He works harder than anyone. I've seen (former Michigan tailback Tshimanga) Biakabutuka. I'll take Anthony over anybody."

Sophomore Split End David Terrell

On his performance ... "Through all the two-a-day practices, Coach (Erik) Campbell (wide receivers coach) stressed to go out and make a big play. Out of the eight or nine receivers we got, I was just one of the guys who played big. Marcus Knight played big, Marquise came in and made a couple of catches. We call all of our guys the 'catching crew.' We got to go out and make plays as a wide receiver and just do what we are supposed to do."

Notre Dame Head Coach Bob Davie

"I give Michigan a lot of credit. They came back and made some plays to win."

"That was a hard day today, it was a battle. It was a damn good football game, but it was a battle."

"All you can ask the guys to do is to play hard and compete, and that's what we did."

On the final play ... "That was disappointing. There was some controversy if that was a first down or not. It was a mistake."

Notre Dame Quarterback Jarious Jackson

"We had excellent play calling, but it was a lack of execution on our part."

"What matters is how we do as a team, and we had a lot of mistakes and that's what cost us."

"The most disappointing thing is seeing the time wind down, knowing we were about to score."

Notre Dame Split End Bobby Brown

On the celebration penalty after Notre Dame's two-point conversion following its final touchdown ... "I thought I was 100 percent sure the penalty was not on me, but the ref called it on me anyway."

"That was a battle between two good football teams, with one not playing as smart."

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