2006 FBL vs. Central Michigan -- Postgame Quotes

Michigan Head Coach Lloyd Carr

On the Central Michigan defensive line ... "I think Central Michigan is very physical. We got a lot of yards rushing, but they weren't easy yards. I am pleased with a lot of the things that we did. We had a good scheme offensively. I do give Central Michigan credit, they had a very well designed pass rush scheme using (Daniel) Bazuin to come around what we call a grand twist, it creates pressure for them in passing situations. All total, we did a lot of good things. We gave up another big play for a touchdown that we shouldn't have done. But defensively I thought we did a good job against the running game."

On facing a spread offense... "Every week when you get a spread offense, there are so many different variations. Central (Michigan) did a very good job of using the quarterback. At the end of the half they ran a quarterback draw, we had a guy free, we just missed the tackle. The biggest disappointment in this game for me was the first half and the first kickoff of the second half. Our kickoff team's coverage was not very good. We were not staying in our lanes and we gave up some great field position, which is what led to the last three points of the half."

On punter Zoltan Mesko... "Sometimes you don't want your coverage out-kicked, but he gets the ball so high that he can still kick it deep and give you time to get down there. He had one punt there today, where people got the chance to see what he is capable of doing. But certainly we have some work to do in the kicking game, but I think overall, we had a game here today that can help us get better. "

On ball security ... "We all understand those guys have been around enough, Mike (Hart) probably has fewer fumbles per carry then any player in Michigan history. I certainly have not been around anybody that has fumbled less, but he did take a good shot today and we got away with one. Tyler (Ecker) had a fumble that he got back. You look back at these games and most of the time, if they're close games, the turnover is the difference. So we have to do a better job of protecting the ball."

On the passing game... "I thought there was a stretch where we threw the ball very well, most off of play action. What I do like, with the exception of some penalties, we stayed out of third and long. We made some good runs on third down to get the first downs. That in my judgment will make it easier for us to make some big third downs on play action passes. Carson Butler and Mike Massey had a couple catches today; we're trying to spread the ball around a little bit. We didn't throw the ball many times, 21 times, we're used to throwing that many in the first half."

U-M Junior Tailback Mike Hart

On if he feels that U-M can run at will ... "I don't know about run at will, but we think we can run against any team. We try to prepare all week for that team and what looks they're going to give us."

On what he wanted to do better after last week ... "Personally, I was working on hitting the holes a little harder like when I made my cuts on the run plays. Besides that, we were working on pass protection a lot this week to protect Chad (Henne) so he could get the ball out. There were some mistakes last week in pass protection that we tried to fix this week."

On his thoughts about the improving running game ... "I think we did a better job. We still have a lot of improvement to do once we get to these great teams. Notre Dame is a great team. Their defensive line is going to be really good. We definitely made an improvement from last week to this week."

On what he knows about the team after two games ... "I think we're a focused group. It's easy to say before the season and say we're going to be focused and win. But I think this team is focused. We know what we have to do every week to come out here and win. We know it's going to be hard. We're going to have to have a great week of practice to prepare for Notre Dame."

U-M Senior Offensive Tackle and Co-Captain Jake Long

On if he's concerned about the penalties being committed ... "You know that in the first two games you're always going to have a couple penalties and mess ups. We try every day to get rid of those. We'll make corrections and get rid of those."

On facing CMU's defensive end Daniel Bazuin ... "It was a great test. He's a great player. He has a bunch of accolades. Going against him gets our whole line better and more prepared. He's a great player and he had a great game."

On if the passing game can be proficient ... "I think so. Our passing game is getting better. We just had a few things to get corrected, a few mistakes. Once we get those corrected I think we're going to do well."

On being the underdog against Notre Dame ... "We don't mind being the underdog. They're a great team. We're going to go out there and play our game and hope we have a good game."

U-M Senior Inside Linebacker David Harris

On the defense's performance through two games ... "I think we're doing pretty well. We still have a lot of stuff to fix. We gave up an early touchdown on the pass play. But other than that we were running to the ball. They were making a few plays here and there, but as a defense we didn't break."

On if defensive coordinator Ron English has them playing more aggressively ... "Yes, a lot more. If you talk to coach English then you know he's a very passionate and aggressive guy. That comes out through the defense."

On if there has been an emphasis on forcing turnovers and how the defense has done so far ... "We're always trying to get the ball back for our offense so they can put points on the board. We're trying to get off the field as quick as possible. We just go out there and execute as best we can and get of the field. We're doing pretty well (forcing turnovers). We dropped a lot of interceptions. We've gotten a few fumbles so we're doing pretty well."

U-M Senior Defensive End and Co-Captain LaMarr Woodley

On how he rates his play so far this season ... "So far I think I've been playing pretty well, as far as putting pressure on the quarterback. The real test will come next week."

On if he'd like to continue his success against Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn ... "Definitely. They're a team that does pass a lot so we want to put pressure on the quarterback. We don't want to give him time in the pocket to sit back there and think. There will definitely be a great opportunity to do that."

On if Notre Dame will be a measuring stick for this team's season ... "I don't think it labels us. This is a big challenge. Where is Michigan I think this is a chance for Michigan to come back and prove itself."

"Every guy on the team knows what this game means to us. I'm going to do what I normally do before I became captain. Everyone knows how big this is to us. We have a lot of older guys on the team who were on that 7-5 team from last year."

"We just have a lot of experience. I feel that the experience on both sides of the ball, the guys who have been playing for a number of years and who have played down there in that stadium are not going to be shaken by the crowd. They'll know what to expect."

Central Michigan Head Coach Brian Kelly

On the effect of the running game ... "I thought Michigan displayed a physical style of play today that obviously dictated the flow of the game. They were able to control the football running it. The real story was up front we felt like physically if we were to have a chance in this football game, we were going to have to do a very good job against the run and find a way to get our running game going. That was not able to come together today. (Michigan) controlled the line of scrimmage today and Central Michigan's mistakes just made it insurmountable."

On Central Michigan's mistakes ... "If I start out with 'We made a lot of mistakes today,' it would not give Michigan due credit because they certainly had something to do with it. But as a football team, we started the game off with a 15-yard penalty and if we can make them go 80 yards instead of 70 or 75 and we have a fourth down offsides -- we cannot make the kind of mistakes we made today and expect to win against a top 10team. Having said that, Michigan was still able to physically control the football. That made it difficult for us given that we made so many mistakes on our own end."

On the lightning delay ... "Michigan had the same situation. I have been a coach for 16 years and I have never had a lightning delay. I do not know what that means other than that I have never had to design a lightning script or scenario timeout. Maybe I need to be better prepared. You lead up to that kickoff with a week of preparation. When you have got that delay you really have to marshal those forces again. I thought we got out of it 24-10 at the half. If we could come back in the third quarter and make a catch it is 24-17. Who knows what could happen"

On Michigan senior defensive end LaMarr Woodley ... "We knew where (LaMarr) was, believe me. He is just a great player. There were a couple of schemes where we were supposed to push out to him and we did not get to him. If you let him go without blocking him, he is going to kill somebody. He made some of his plays just being a great player, and we made some mistakes as well."

CMU Senior Linebacker Doug Kress

On defending the run ... "Really, the difference was our physicality. I didn't feel as if our defense was playing as physical as we did last week. Michigan rushed for well over 200 yards. And if a kid is going to rush for over 200 yards, you're not going to beat many teams, let alone Michigan."

On Michigan's offensive line ... "Yeah, they fired off the ball C that's the tradition of Michigan. They wanted to establish the run early, and they did that. They're big up front, and they're powerful."

CMU Sophomore Quarterback Dan LeFevour

On mentally preparing for teams like Boston College and Michigan ... "I knew I was starting, but same as last week, I knew I was going to play, so mentally I was prepared the same. I think just playing two great teams like these, it just shows me things that I need to work on to get better heading into Akron and other teams in our conference."

On the effect of having the one hour rain delay ... "Well, you know what, you've got to be mentally tough to play this sport, especially my position. So that's not an excuse. I really don't think so. You've got to be ready to go whenever the bell has rung."

On getting that second touchdown ... "You know I think from a mental standpoint, it's good to do well every series just because I don't have a lot of experience. I've got to build on things so I can get better every week. So as far as the touchdown goes, I don't think so. I'm just trying to play hard every time I'm out there."

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