Ask Steve: Notre Dame Week

Sept. 10, 2010

University of Michigan football captain and fifth-year offensive lineman Stephen Schilling will take part in a season-long mailbag on called "Ask Steve." Stephen will take your questions over email and Facebook and answer the best ones every Friday on MGoBlue.

Email your questions to or watch for Steve's Friday post on the Michigan football Facebook fan page and leave a comment.

Jeff VanTil emails: "Do you get a chance to watch football on Sundays? Do you have a favorite team?"

Jeff, while there isn't much free time with school and football, I do get some time to watch some NFL games. Usually, I like to catch the Sunday night game. This year, I'm excited to watch a lot of my teammates from the past few years who are playing on Sundays. Growing up in Seattle, I watched the Seahawks the most, but I don't think I have a favorite team.

John Hale emails: "How do football players lift? I can't imagine you lifting during the season, with practice, studying and attending classes. Is battling against opponents each Saturday enough to build on or maintain the strength levels gained during offseason workouts, or do you have some procedure that you use to lift during the season?"

Actually we DO lift during the season, and we lift pretty hard. Coach Barwis isn't satisfied with just maintaining strength, and he believes we can get stronger during the season. He's right, too. Some guys break personal records during the season lifts, even as we get into the later weeks of the season. We usually lift twice a week during the season.

Josh DaVino Trevino asks on Facebook: "Do you guys call yourselves hogs????"

Haha, Josh, good question. I don't think a lot of offensive linemen call themselves hogs anymore. Most of us on the O-line take pride in being able to eat like a hog and still look good. Taylor Lewan thinks he's going to have a six pack some day, but that won't happen once he's 325 pounds, Ha!

Tony O emails: "What is your best Michigan experience that isn't necessarily associated with the team?"

I think the thing that's most memorable for me, other than football, is the time spent with my friends. We don't get much downtime, so it's always fun to just sit around and hang out. As far as Michigan Michigan goes, I'll always remember the first few days of school each year. All the students are back, everyone is excited about the football season, and it's a great atmosphere around campus in the fall.

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