1998 FBL vs. Syracuse -- postgame quotes
Head Coach Lloyd Carr

On the game ...
"Syracuse did an outstanding job and beat us in every phase of the game. They are a good team, McNabb is as good a quarterback as we have seen."

On Syracuse quarterback Donovan McNabb ...
"McNabb has a great arm. An NFL scout said he is a number-one draft choice. He is impossible to sack with a four-man rush."

"It is hard to blitz an option quarterback and if you don't blitz, he'll stand back there all day. I do not know anybody that can stop that offense."

On the upcoming weeks ...
"We have two weeks to get ready for the Big Ten season. Our team has good kids and we have to hang together and we have to fight back."

"I expected us to be a better defensive team. We are not strong up front. We have faced two option teams and they have presented some problems."

On the offensive line ...
"I think we are out of sync. We have too many third-and-long situations; we want to be third-and-three or four. We are not running and getting five or six yards on our first carry. We must establish a run threat."

Junior QB Tom Brady

"We made mistakes. When you turn the ball over, you're not going to win the game."

About coming in and out of the game ...
"If you're mentally strong enough, coming in and out is not a problem. I'll bounce back. I've got a lot of pride at stake. Don't worry about me, I'll be back."

"I'm sure the fans are disappointed. In the lockeroom, there are 120 guys who believe we can win. Everyone's disappointed. The older guys are wondering why we're not winning. The younger guys are learning. We believe in ourselves and we'll stick together."

On third down inefficiency ...
"Converting on third down -- we didn't do that today."

Freshman QB Drew Henson

"About my role, I try to make some plays when I'm in there. You can have all the playing time you want, but when the team loses, it doesn't mean anything."

"Our problem is that you have to be able to run to be successful."

"I was comfortable out there but it was too little too late."

"Our goal now is to get that first win. This team won't separate. We'll stay together and get through this."

Head Coach Paul Pasqualoni

"Because of the storm, we were way behind in practice." (Severe storms knocked out power all over campus, including players' homes, practice facilities and even the Carrier Dome. Practice was limited to makeshift facilities using generators.)

"Through the unsportsmanlike penalty (with about five minutes left in the second quarter), we played as well as we can."

"Donovan McNabb has played two outstanding games. His timing and accuracy is great."

"I thought is was important to get field position on the first drive."

"We had an unbelievable defense today. The coaches put together a great game plan."

"If we go game by game and play well, come November, he (McNabb) will be a (Heisman) candidate."

"Getting over Tennessee was tough. It's great to get back on track."

Assistant Coach Kevin Rogers

"We persevered to get where we are today. After the loss last week and then the storms at the beginning of the week."

"This gives us credibility."

"We've got great fans. I hope they enjoyed it."

"Everything we do on offense to change formations has to be countered by them. We tried to mix it up as much as possible without confusing ourselves."

Senior DB Phil Nash

"We wanted to take the crowd out of it. With 112,000 people in the stands it is like a 12th man. I think that was the key from the start. We wanted to make sure that they didn't become a factor."

"We came out early and played hard. We wanted to make them think it is going to be a long season. We are going to go out every week and gain some respect and by the end of the season I think we will be where we want to be."

Senior DB Jason Poles

"We were surprised they didn't come out with more emotion and try to fight back more. We knew we could play with them. We knew we were a good team, but we expected it to be a bit closer."

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