2001 FBL vs. Western Michigan -- quotes
Michigan Head Coach Lloyd Carr

On Michigan's performance ... "Well, obviously it was a ragged football game from our standpoint. When you have 13 penalties you won't have a consistent flow. We jumped offsides four times and offensively we had a lot of penalties. We gave up a few sacks and we didn't execute well, so certainly we have a lot of work to do.

"I think our tackling gave up some big plays, but no question, our defense did a good job against a wide-open team who threw 58 times. The point is they threw the football and we rotated a lot of guys. Our depth is good, we had no major injures so that was a good test. We didn't tackle like we needed to but we played a lot better than we did on offense.

On next week's game against Illinois ... "There is no question, Illinois is a team many feel has a chance to win the Big Ten, and when you look at their schedule, they put a lot into this game. We also know you have to win at home to have a chance for the conference championship."

Senior/Junior Linebacker Victor Hobson

On Michigan's defense ... "We always try to get after the quarterback, but today we were on and we were executing our blitzes. A lot of guys were doing their job, which made it a lot easier. We didn't want them to get comfortable picking up one blitz. We kept them on their toes because no matter what team you're playing, if you run the same plays over and over, they will catch on."

On areas of the defense that need improvement ... "We have to work on tackling. Individually, we all want to make the plays because it gives the other team confidence if they are able to break tackles. We heard a little about it on the sidelines and I'm sure we'll hear a lot more about it tomorrow."

On playing Illinois next week ... "Illinois has a great quarterback, a great receiver and two great running backs so it will be a tough game that we have to get ready for."

Western Michigan Head Coach Gary Darnell

On the team's play vs. Michigan compared to its performance at Virginia Tech ... "We did a much better job coordinating our offensive and defensive kicking games, but when we played Virginia Tech, we didn't give ourselves a chance to do anything right from the get-go. Today we showed signs of improvement in a lot of different areas."

On Jeff Welsh's performance at quarterback ... "Our quarterbacks have a good reputation of being tough. But, there is so much more to being tough than having strong muscles. Welsh was mentally tough for us today. He was poised with 100,000 people screaming at him and he was poised despite all the hits he took."

Senior Offensive Tackle Matt Stover

On the Michigan defense ... "You have to give Michigan all the credit. The have a very strong defensive line and a strong blitz scheme. They are a very tenacious and well-disciplined team. They just keep coming at you."

Senior Quarterback Jeff Welsh

On playing football again after last week's cancellation ... "It was good to get back out on the football field and play again. It was a packed house today and the crowd made some noise so it was good."

On his passing ... "I felt good throwing today. We tried to run a lot of quick passes and get the ball out there to let the receivers make some moves to make some people miss and make some big plays. We had to play catch-up the whole time and were forced to throw a lot."

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