2007 FBL vs. Notre Dame -- Postgame Quotes

Michigan Head Coach Lloyd Carr

On the game ... "I thought we did some good things out there today. I thought that at the start of the game, the turnovers that Notre Dame had really put us in the position to take the lead. Defensively, we played together and had leverage on the football. We tackled well and we had good pressure on the quarterback. Offensively, we controlled the line of scrimmage and that was the biggest thing that we did. We didn't turn the ball over with the exception of late in the game. I thought this was a team victory. There aren't many Michigan-Notre Dame games that go like this, and there aren't many where two freshmen play quarterback to start in a series like this. We made some progress, and hopefully we can take some of the things we did today to continue to improve as a football team."

On the difference between the first two weeks and today ... "Our seniors. We had a group of upperclassmen who, as a group, I think played very well, particularly on defense. (Tim) Jamison was a force. Chris Graham was a force ... They were something else."

On Mike Hart's guarantee ... "There is nobody that has greater respect for Notre Dame than we do at Michigan and that I do as the head coach here. I hope that the perception is what it is. I think it was simply out of frustration that Mike (Hart) may have made that statement because he was trying to encourage his own teammates and make a statement for his team. But it was certainly out of no lack of respect for Notre Dame. I guarantee you that."

On the play of Shawn Crable ... "Crable played extremely well a week ago and I thought that he had his best week of practice, maybe since he has been at Michigan. I think he is developing into a leader and I thought that he was a real force out there today."

On what Ryan Mallett can take out of this game ... "When you play in your first start and it's Michigan-Notre Dame, there are a lot of things you can take out of it regardless of how it went. He did make some big plays and some excellent throws, but he made some mistakes. He is going to look at the film and realize that there are some things that he didn't execute like he can, and from there on, he will be better for it."

U-M Senior Tailback Mike Hart

On what happened today ... "We played Michigan football today. The defense came out and played, the special teams came out and played and the offense came out and played. When you have that, its hard to lose."

On the play of freshman quarterback Ryan Mallett ... "I think he did a good job. He didnt throw any interceptions -- thats all I wanted. He had a couple QB exchange problems, but besides that he did a great job. He made a lot of the right reads and he was patient. He let the receivers make the plays."

On if he wanted to carry the load today ... "Definitely. When I guaranteed the victory it wasnt out of disrespect towards Notre Dame. It was to fire myself up and to fire this team up. Im not here to disrespect Notre Dame. During the week it was something to keep me focused. I knew coming into the game I was going to perform because you cant say something like that and not perform. Especially with (starting quarterback) Chad (Henne) going down, it was more on my shoulders. I accept it, I love it and Im going to keep doing what I have to do to help this team win."

On if the game plan was to capitalize on Notre Dames run defense ... "Obviously we were going to try to run the ball, regardless. I dont think it was anything about taking advantage of them. With a freshman quarterback we had no choice but to try and run the ball. We kept going getting five and six yards a carry. If you keep getting that youre going to keep running the ball."

On how much the forcing of turnovers helped the offense ... "I think that played a lot into it. Our defense was doing a great job of getting the ball on the 30-yard line, the 20-yard line. The offense has to score then. It shortens up the field for us so we can really just run the ball and try to score."

U-M Senior Weakside Linebacker Chris Graham

On if it was fun for the defense today ... "It was our first time disguising today -- walking up and showing them different things. It was a young quarterback so he (Jimmy Clausen) cant read (defenses) that well. We tried to get him out of his mindset, make him think that it was one-on-one all the time. Wed come up on different plays and mix up his mind. Once we did that he didnt know what to do. We tried to keep things moving the whole game."

On if the defense got better today ... "It was a big thing for us to get better today. We wanted to come out here and show that we were still hungry and we were not going to give up. This is the Michigan team that we want everyone to see and believe in. As much as possible, we wanted to show this type of Michigan team."

U-M Freshman Quarterback Ryan Mallett

On if this is how he anticipated his first start would go ... "It was everything I dreamed of -- a win. Thats all I wanted in my first start. My team played great. Thats what we want to do. Were improving right now."

On how field position benefited the offense early in the game ... "The defense did a great job of putting us in great field position all day. We didnt have to go on long drives and that helped us out."

On if the rest of the players tried to keep him calm in the huddle ... "It was just like when (starting quarterback) Chad (Henne) was in there. I call the plays and we run them. We werent doing that much talking, except for a little joking around at the end."

On if Chad Henne helped him during the week ... "Me and Chad watched film all week. He was showing me stuff to look for in (Notre Dames) defense because hes played them for three years now."

On how having senior tailback Mike Hart to hand off to helped him feel comfortable ... "When you have a guy whos been here for four years and you hand it off to him 35 times that takes a lot of pressure off you. The coaches told me all week you dont have to make all the plays -- there are guys around you. That helped me out. Mikes a great player. The offensive line opened up great holes for him all day. Thats what we like."

Notre Dame Head Coach Charlie Weis

On what to do next ... "We're starting training camp tomorrow. The team is heading in the wrong direction and when your team is heading in the wrong direction there is only one way I know to fix it; to come out swinging. I'm embarrassed about our performance out there and as I always do I will take full accountability for it. I'm responsible for our team playing like that, but the bottom line is that we're really not getting good at anything and the only way we can fix it is by starting training camp, we'll be doing that tomorrow."

On how surprised they were today ... "You had two teams coming in 0-2, you're playing at their place you figure you're going to get their best effort, now you know they weren't going to lay-down. We knew if we got on top of them it could turn very well for us, but obviously when you turn the ball over three times in the first half of the game leading to 17 points we obviously started the game the wrong way."

On what he was looking to find from the team after the game ... "I was looking at their eyes to see if any of them had thrown in the towel, I was including the coaching staff too. I wanted to look and see whose eyes were up and whose were down. I wasn't sending a message, I was just observing because I knew what I had to talk about when I got in there. I mean when you lose 38-0 there is nothing good to talk about."

On if Demetrius Jones was a distraction ... "It came as a surprise, but I'm not going to cop out and blame him for our performance here today. I don't want to blame anyone besides myself for our performance today. Yes it was a surprise we lost today 38-0 and I'm not sitting here pointing a finger at him or anyone else."

Notre Dame Offensive Center John Sullivan

On the game ... "Obviously, we need to play better. We've got to go back and start getting better. Going back to training camp sounds like it is the right thing to do. We got to keep our head up and keep looking forward. We got to look forward to next week and before we even focus on next Saturday, we must focus on tomorrow We want to win and the only thing there is to do is go back to work tomorrow."

Notre Dame Offensive Tackle Sam Young

On the game ... "We have to make a lot of changes because we're not getting the job done. There weren't any fundamentals present "

On looking forward to the next game against Michigan State ... "We're working to get a win. It doesn't matter who the opponent is, we're working to get a win. We're not proud to be in this situation, but we're not going to give up."

On whether he was surprised about the outcome of the game "I was surprised. I was never expecting for this to happen."

Notre Dame Strong Safety Tom Zbikowski

On what to look forward to during the rest of the season ... "There's still a lot of games to play and there's still a lot of pride. As long as there are games to be played, you're lucky."

On whether he agrees with coach Weis that they just "have to come out swinging" ... "It's what we have to do. That's how we have to come out and play and that's how we're going to be successful. I'm behind coach Weis 100 percent. Whatever he feels is necessary to get this thing going is what we have to do."

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