The Definitive Guide to Tom Brady's Hair

Sept. 16, 2010

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Tom Brady Hair Quotes

James and Jerry (Coach and Four Barbers): "1995 Tom Brady has the Lloyd Christmas haircut. Very "Dumb and Dumber." The 1997 style looks a little Jersey Shore but 1998 looks good. Wow, look at that high school picture. He looks like a Kennedy with that haircut!"

Erin Moore (former volleyball All-American and director of volleyball operations): "He's such a goody two-shoes that I'm glad he has rebellious long hair. And if he has any questions about my choice he can call me."

Bruce Madej (associate athletic director for athletic media relations): "His hair in 2005 is the best. A manageable length and it fits under a helmet with no muss. My second choice would be his hair from The Simpsons because he appeared with my favorite character, Homer Simpson."

Terri Jan-Uitermarkt (senior administrative assistant): "If anyone picks the 1995 haircut, they're lying! I like 1999 the best because he looks hot. Seriously, he could be wearing a Jheri curl wig and he'd still look good."

Dave Ablauf (director of media relations for football): "I think 1999 and 2005 are the best styles. That's the Tom Brady I know and recognize."

Tara Preston (athletic media relations senior administrative assistant): "I like his hair from his senior year (1999). He looks like a clean-cut fella."

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