2005 FBL vs. Eastern Michigan -- Postgame Quotes

Michigan Head Coach Lloyd Carr

Opening statement ... "We did some good things in there. I am sure when we see the film we will see some things we would have liked to do better. The main thing is we did not come out and slop around. I thought we did a lot of very good things, but the truth is we had the opportunity to play a lot of guys and get some guys healthier before we head into the Big Ten season."

On coming off the Notre Dame loss strong ... "I think that's the biggest issue. We are never really certain what kind of intensity the team is going to come out with. I am very pleased with the intensity and the fact we got a lot of guys some experience. The big news is Max Martin got a chance to carry 26 times. That will help us and that will help our team. We got some of our young linemen in there. Mike Massey played a lot, that will help him. We gave a lot of our young defensive players an opportunity and that will help them. I think when you look at the big picture, we got a lot of things done today."

On playing defense against the spread offense ... "We are going to play teams that are much faster and that will be a challenge for us against a spread offense. We spent a lot of time in spring and fall practice against the spread offense. We had a young QB named Jason Forcier from California who was really giving our defense a great look in the way the spread is run. I think that has made a big difference in getting people into the proper position.  If you're not in the right position then you leave a lot of big play opportunities. I think in our passing game we had good pressure and they did not have a lot of time to throw the ball."

On the play of the Michigan reserves ... "I told them at the half that we wanted to substitute and we wanted to give a lot of opportunities. We expected a certain amount of effort and intensity. I think we got that and that's not really an opportunity that rolls around too often. We played four quarterbacks in there. Matt Wilde and Jeff Kastl both got in there. Matt Gutierrez got 25 minutes of time in the second half."

On Matt Gutierrez ... "He's been here awhile but when you consider last year he missed the entire season and this fall he got a chance to play in the opener. Today he got a lot of action and he'll learn from some of the things that happened out there. That prepares us at that position and I thought he did some very good things."

U-M Senior Wide Receiver Steve Breaston

On his 72-yard punt return ... "It was a good play. People did a good job of blocking on the run-back. It was a good start to be able to do something right away."

On the offense scoring on its first three possessions ... "That's what happens when you have a short field to work with. You always want to go into the game hoping to give your offense that kind of boost. We were able to do that today."

On lots of people getting playing time ... "Everybody that got out there did a very good job. We were able to get a lot of people in and that's always good, especially going into the Big Ten season."

On going to Wisconsin ... "I heard it's a tough place. In this conference, any place you go is a tough place. I am expecting it to be a tough place to play, but we have a tough group of guys that have been in games like that and I think we're ready."

U-M Senior Running Back Alijah Bradley

On his touchdown ... "I am very thankful for that opportunity. It was my first one and just tried to take full advantage of it."

On if he knew he would get the ball at the goal line ... "You just never know when it's going to be your time, but I wasn't going to be denied. It felt great. It was my first touchdown since high school. When I got the ball, I was just thinking about getting in the end zone and not being denied."

U-M Senior Defensive End Rondell Biggs

On the defense's performance ... "It feels great to come out there and play like that and see the game plan unfold. With a spread offense and a running quarterback, it was great to see the defense come out and play and dominate like that."

On the aggressive play of the defense ... "Coach put in a great game plan. They coached us extremely hard this week, especially coming off a loss. We were that much more anxious to come out and play hard. We did that and are proud of everybody on the defense. It was beautiful to watch that."

On playing at Wisconsin nest week ... "They have a good team and a good program. We just have to come out and have a great week of preparation and play hard."

Eastern Michigan Head Coach Jeff Genyk

Opening statement ... "This was a difficult game just due to the fact that we just couldn't find our open guys in the first few drives.  We needed to convert better on first downs to put us in a better position to convert on third downs.  You have to give credit to Michigan, they're a very good team and extremely athletic." 

On kicking to Steve Breaston and the 72 yard return ..."We had wanted to kick it out of bounds and we did our best, but we had two defenders right there in front of Steve Breaston and unfortunately they came off-balance trying to out-guess where he was going to go.  Breaston's obviously a great athlete and he ran away from us, quickly."

On learning from this game ... "I think it's very important that we learn from this from a technical standpoint.  We can also learn long term about how hard you have to work in order to compete at this level.  It's a game that you have to learn from quickly, stay together as a team and move on to Central Michigan which is obviously a huge game for us." 

On playing at Michigan Stadium in front of a crowd of 100,000 ... "If we could have gotten a field goal we would have settled down a little bit, but when Steve Breaston runs 72 yards on you and then you  follow up with a long snap over the punter's head, it was just so representative of playing at Michigan.  We did some things that we just don't do.  It's part of Michigan's athleticism but also playing in this environment.  We just played slower, sort of paralysis by analysis."

EMU Senior Quarterback Matt Bohnet

On the overall game ... "I thought Michigan's defense did a good job. They're fast and they did exactly what they needed to do. They went out and executed their assignments well. But at the same time, we shot ourselves in the foot a lot out there. We made a lot of mistakes offensively and allowed them to make some of the plays they made. We've got to eliminate those mistakes if we want to do what we want to accomplish this year."

On the game environment ... "I don't think we were overly nervous. We started the game pretty well when we came out, but we had a couple mistakes here and there. You have mistakes every game, but when you do that against Michigan, you can't expect to stay in the game."

On the lack of offensive production ... "To have the guys on offense that we have who can make plays and not come up with anything, not three points, not seven points, not anything - it's very disappointing. And to come out in the second half, and get a little drive, but then we shot ourselves in the foot again (with the interception) - it was very tough."

EMU Junior Linebacker Michael Richardson

On failing to score ... "I can't give you a number on how many points we were expecting to score. We really thought we had a chance coming out today. Offense didn't do quite as well as they had expected, but they still hung in there. It was kind of a long day for us. On a score like this, you need to have thick skin. You got to move on. It's a loss and we've got to get better. We can't let Michigan beat us two weeks in a row."

On Michigan getting good field position early on ... "It's pretty frustrating sometimes to see yourself in a bad position, but it makes the defense rise to the occasion - it only makes us better."

On the defense ... "I think there were a lot of good things that we did defensively. We matched up with some guys. We saw what we could do against a quality team. A lot of the things we did worked, but we just came out on the short end of the stick this time."

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