Carr Press Conference Announcing Marcus Ray's Suspension
Lloyd Carr's Press Conference Announcing
Indefinite Suspension of Marcus Ray

"Marcus Ray, our tri-captain and strong safety has been indefinitely suspended from the University of Michigan football team. This action has been taken based on information received from the NCAA this past Tuesday. The suspension has come due to allegations supplied by the NCAA concerning improper contacts with a sports agent. The Michigan athletic department will conduct an investigation based on the allegations and will make a complete report to the NCAA. The date of the allegations was in late July of this year."

On how the football team will be affected:
"DeWayne Patmon will step in at strong safety. It means an opportunity for some of the younger guys. That is something I'm sure they are excited about. I think our football team is going to rally (around the situation) and play like they are capable of playing."

On preventing problems of this nature:
"We have an extensive educational program for our players where we bring the FBI in once a year to discuss among other things: gambling issues, issues related to drugs and a big part of that centers around dealing with sports agents."

On how he feels in regards to Marcus Ray:
"Here we have a young man that is going to lose a lot in terms of what he wanted to do when he came to Michigan. That's unfortunate, but regardless of the outcome of this, Marcus knew the rules and as any young person does. We are all responsible for our actions."

"I feel badly that this kid is going to lose a part of his football career here at Michigan. He's had an outstanding career, has been a good football player and done well in the classroom as evidenced by his selection as a tri-captain. I think this is an issue with the football team where we have to move on just as if someone got hurt or someone quit the team. Our resolve is not going to be affected by this."

On how the university received the information:
"Tom Goss, our athletic director received information from the NCAA. I got a call early yesterday morning (Wednesday, Sept. 16) from Tom."

On the possibility of forfeiture of any games had Michigan won:
"I think any time you are in violation of the rules in a season, your games are in jeopardy."

On how Marcus Ray is feeling:
"Marcus is extremely disappointed that he is going to miss part of this season, at least, and he feels badly."

On Ray's Eligibility:
"His eligibility could be restored based on the investigation."

On the issue at hand:
"I think it bothers every athletic director, football coach, basketball coach because the issue goes far beyond giving a guy some things, a few dollars or a car. It goes to the most important issue facing us, and that's gambling. We are trying to deal with this in an up front manner. And so it's of tremendous importance for us to stay on top of this."

"I've made it clear to everybody in this football program, you can't have it both ways. If you want to go play professional football, go ahead. I don't try to talk anybody into staying at the University of Michigan who wants to leave. I want him to be here because he wants to play and he wants to win for Michigan. If he chooses to jeopardize our program, we are going to suspend him."

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