2004 FBL vs. San Diego State -- Postgame Quotes

Michigan Head Coach Lloyd Carr

On the game compared to last ... "I think we made some improvements this week in practice. I think Jake Long helped us in there. We've got to look at this game and we've got to get better. There are a lot of things in that football game that we can take. I'm proud of this football team since coming off a really difficult loss. There are a lot of things we didn't do well. One of them was not fight. We fought like hell. We've got a chance to be a good football team. We've got to stop turning the ball over, and we will."

On Michigan's defense ... "That defense was magnificent. We gave up the big play early in the game, I think in the first quarter. With that exception, I think we played well all day long. We did a good job against the running attack. I thought we had good pressure, and I thought we hit the receivers. It is a very difficult team, along with the fact that they had two weeks to get ready. They scored on a halfback pass that was well-executed. Our offense put them in great field position several times. I don't care where you put it down they found a way to get them stopped. That defense was outstanding."

On freshman running back Mike Hart ... "Mike has been a presence since the day that he got here. From an experience standpoint you know he is going to make some mistakes. There was a pass play in there early where a guy slipped off and hit the quarterback, but he is tougher than the devil. Everybody is going to like this kid. He is special. Again he has a lot to learn, but we have a group of guys at tailback and all of them are going to have to play a role. To carry 25 times in September at Michigan as a true freshman and do that well, I think that speaks to Mike Hart."

On quarterback Clayton Richard"We've got to develop some depth there. We're one play away and Clayton deserved to play. I thought he did a good job. The one throw was a little bit low. I think we have to develop him and in the long run that is something that is very important to our team."

U-M Freshman Running Back Michael Hart

On the offensive line ... "They came out real strong this week during practice and worked hard to get the run going. They just came out today and did a great job of opening up holes."

On being used sparingly the first two games ... "It was hard because you couldn't get into the flow of the game. This game I was getting reps and reps and reps, and I just felt a lot better in the huddle."

On running the ball in crucial situations ... "I wasn't nervous, the coaches kept telling me not to drop the ball. If you think you're going to drop the ball, then you will drop the ball. But that doesn't ever enter my mind."

On whether he thought he would play so soon "They told me I had a chance to. I had to come in here and show what I could do. I have to keep proving myself week in and week out and I have to be consistent."

On getting a victory against San Diego State ... "We're always happy with a victory, no matter what. A victory is a victory. We're happy to get a win every game, even if we win by 40, we can still improve. We're going to have to go to the books and prepare for this upcoming week."

On his relationship with classmate Chad Henne ... "We've talked a lot, especially this week. He told me I could go in there and get the job done. I can definitely sympathize with him, being a freshman and playing in the game."

U-M Fifth-Year Senior Linebacker Roy Manning

On San Diego State ... "You have to give them credit. They're a great team and they came out and fought hard. We were able to get a couple breaks here and there, and we got a victory as a result."

On whether a loss would have been embarrassing ... "We just want to win every game, and there's more incentive to win at home. Our team last year went 6-0 at home and we just want to do the same thing. I don't think we would have felt embarrassed but we definitely would have known that we had some things we needed to improve on."

On what the win meant going into the Big Ten season ... "I think it was a great step. We definitely improved from a week ago. We're going to come in here and watch the film and try to improve going into our first Big Ten game next week."

On what he has focused on this season ... "I'm just focusing more on my assignment and my job and doing what is asked of me from the coaches, the defense and this team. Things are going okay. The main thing is just doing my assignment. If there are 11 guys out there doing their assignment, then we're going to get a stop. If we can do our assignments, then we'll be alright."

On his forced fumble ... "They blocked me off the end. Our coaches teach us that if we get blocked, just keep going and keep fighting. Those guys in the back must have been covering great because when I got to him, he still had the ball. I just tried to go in there and throw my body into him."

San Diego State Head Coach Tom Craft

Opening statement ... "I thought we played well today for it only being our second game in two months. We started this season on August 10, and here we are on September 18 with just our second ballgame. I thought we didn't get into the speed of the game up front, in particular, until about the end of the first quarter. Then we started getting into the rhythm on both sides of the ball. I thought we played really well and had a great effort today."

On freshman offensive tackle Will Robinson ... "For the most part, I thought Will Robinson did a terrific job today. He got beat a couple of times, but for a youngster playing in that situation, he did a real nice job. He was a guard last week and moved over to tackle."

On the game ... "Overall, we had pretty solid play in all areas. Unfortunately, we weren't able to make one of those field goals, but Michigan is a good football team, a very physical football team. For us to come in here and almost pull it out, I think more than anything else, not having that second game really was a difference. I would have loved to have had another game before this game. But it is what it is."

On how the loss compares to last year's game against Ohio State ... "It's a three-point loss. I think we're a better football team than we were a year ago. Michigan is a little more diversified than Ohio State in their approach both on offense and defense. They gave us a lot of different coverage, we saw a lot more offensively than we did last year against Ohio State. We really rallied and responded after the first play and we didn't cave in at all. It's a tough group. I think the thing that's really important now, because it is early, is to keep getting better. I was proud of the way we played today."

SDSU Junior Wide Receiver Robert Ortiz

On if he foresaw his seven-catch, 125-yard receiving day with a touchdown ... "Honestly, yes. I think about it all the time. I know I can do it. I just have to have the opportunity and take advantage of it."

On what enables him to make difficult, acrobatic catches ... "I think it just comes from working hard, doing it in the off-season and then doing it in games. It's not something we plan, it just happens."

On the emotion of another heartbreaking defeat similar to last season's close loss at Ohio State ... "It hurts your pride. You're disappointed and upset. You can't dwell on this long. We have an 11-game season and this is just one of those things that we have to overcome. We just have to move on."

SDSU Junior Linebacker Matt McCoy

On not being able to consistently stop Michigan's previously sub-par running attack ... "You have to go to your running game if you want to get the passing game working. They went to their passing game in the beginning of the half but it wasn't working for them. They only got that deep ball, so they had to establish the running game and get things going. I think that worked pretty well for them."

On what the difference in the game was ... "As far as I can say I think it came down to two plays, the two streaks. Other than that I thought we played a pretty good game on defense."

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