Ask Steve: Bowling Green Week

Sept. 24, 2010

University of Michigan football captain and fifth-year offensive lineman Stephen Schilling talks about girlfriends and Denard Robinson and tells which Wolverine defender is the hardest hitter in this edition of "Ask Steve."

Stephen is participating in a season-long project on called "Ask Steve" where he will take your questions over email and Facebook and answer the best ones every Friday on MGoBlue.

Email your questions to or watch for Steve's Friday post on the Michigan football Facebook fan page and leave a comment.

Correta Lewis emails: "Do you have a girlfriend? Do football players even have time to date?"

Yes, I do have a girlfriend. Her name is Katie and she's in Law School here at Michigan. She went to undergrad here as well and played on the soccer team. We've been dating for close to two years now. Football players do have busy schedules, so if we have time to date, we definitely have to have an understanding girlfriend. Luckily, a lot of guys on the team have found just that (I think), or are at least able to date (probably more in the offseason, however).

Matthew Nahdee emails: "Who hits the hardest in practice?"

Matthew, you're putting me in a tough spot. Choosing the hardest hitters on the defense means I have to exclude some people (haha). I think our defense plays hard, and everyone can hit. I rarely go against the DBs, so I can't choose any of them. Jonas Mouton hits pretty hard, and Mike Martin has a good quick burst off the line.

Casey Czapski emails: "Does Denard have the durability to do what he's been doing week in and week out against bigger defenses in the Big Ten?"

I definitely think Denard has good durability. I think it was good that Michael Shaw played well last week, keeping defenses honest and I think we have a lot of other offensive weapons that can do some good things. But even if Denard ends up carrying the ball a lot, he's extremely tough, and if he's sore, he never complains. I'm sure he was pretty banged up after that Notre Dame game, but if you asked him all he'd do was smile and say he was okay.

Alex Sanchez emails: "What made you want to go to Michigan?"

There were a lot of reasons I wanted to go to Michigan. I had my college choices down to four towards the end: USC, Cal, Washington, and Michigan. I took visits to each and then evaluated them all afterwards. In the end, Michigan was the best fit for me. I wanted to get away from home a little bit and do my own thing. I had great relationships with the coaches and the rest of the staff and there's no place better in the country that combines top academics and great football tradition like Michigan can. It was, and still is, the best university in the country.

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