1999 FBL at Wisconsin -- quotes
Michigan Head Coach Lloyd Carr

On the game ... "We understand that we will improve on a week-to-week basis. Defensively, we did a tremendous job against the triple option. Offensively, one thing I liked was we didn't turn the football over. If we can continue to force three to four turnovers a game and prevent our own turnovers, I think we can have a good football team. One thing I was unhappy with was the number of penalties that we had early in the game. That is indicative of a lack of concentration."

On improvement of the team ... "We've got a lot of things to work on. I thought we played hard, although there wasn't a lot of emotion. We made progress today, but obviously we have things to work on."

On the number of players who saw action ... "It is always good to get a lot of young guys or some guys who normally don't play ... a chance to play. These kids work hard in practice. To give these guys an opportunity to play in our stadium in front of the home crowd is always a positive. We did get a lot of young guys who are normally in backup roles some opportunities to play. I think the more you play, the more confidence you gain. Hopefully it will help us down the road."

On the rest of the season ... "The real season starts now. We have a tremendous schedule ahead of us. We must be ready to play and minimize our mistakes in order to win. We are going to face a Syracuse team that dominated us a year ago, and a lot of their guys are back. They have an outstanding defense, a lot of the offensive line is back, and they beat us in the kicking game last year. We know what we're up against next week."

Wide Receiver Marquise Walker

On the blocked punt ... "Coach just kept calling the play for me. I told him I'm getting closer and closer, so, you know, I could get through. He called it for me again and I got through clearly."

On his performance ... "I felt comfortable coming to spring practice carrying into the fall. I was just waiting to get my time to get a couple passes thrown to me."

On going back home to Syracuse next week ... "I am going to have a lot of people there. I grew up in Syracuse. It's going to be very exciting for me."

Running Back Anthony Thomas

On the number of carries he's had these past weeks ... "I am not going to complain. I felt good. The coaches have confidence in me that I will get the job done."

On how he gets up for a game like this ... "For me, every time I come into the stadium, it's something very special. Just seeing the band play and all of the people in the stands gets me motivated."

On the quarterback competition ... "I'm just glad it's not my decision. We have two great quarterbacks in Drew (Henson) and Tom (Brady). I'm just glad it's not my decision."

On his performance ... "I think everyone gets better as the game goes on, you feel more comfortable. You have a feel for how defense is playing against you."

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