My Game Day at Michigan Stadium
Monday, September 29

Sergeant Steve Armstrong and Bary

My partner's name is Bary. He's a four-year old German shepherd that was imported from Slovakia. He's one of five dogs on site during game days. Our game day actually starts on the Friday before kickoff. We're in the stadium with the U-M Department of public safety and the ATF, sweeping the concourse and kiosk areas, the locker rooms and the press box. Once our sweep is complete, we lock down the stadium. We're back at the Big House, as a rule, five hours before kickoff to complete another search. All vehicles, including golf carts, and portions of Crisler Arena are swept by our dogs. I'm generally in the tunnel and then on the field in the north end zone with other deputies. My day typically ends in the third or fourth quarter. We're on standby for most of the game, so we get to watch.

I'm from Michigan so I'm a big Wolverine fan. Bary is a fan too. This year he really likes Sam McGuffie.

Paula Pasche - Oakland Press

I live in Sylvan Lake over by Pontiac, so I usually leave home three and a half hours before the game because I don't like traffic. I would rather sit in the press box and read the paper than sit in traffic, so I'm at the Big House early.

I get situated in the press box, look over the stats and I look at the dress list. I'll eat one hot dog -- just one because my stomach can't take two. I bring a turkey sandwich for lunch.

During the game I take notes, tracking every play and every down. Even though they do it for us, I do it to keep my focus on the game. Usually with a few minutes left we go down on the field to watch the end of the game, sometimes, not always, you can catch players as they are coming off the field, so you can capture that emotion, but then other times you can't.

Following the game, we go to Crisler Arena where the press conferences are. They bring in the players C- against Utah they brought in Nick Sheridan and Steve Threet and they didn't have to C- and it was really good to be able to talk to them. As the reporters are leaving we sometimes ask players questions as they are leaving the locker room. Last week, we caught Coach Calvin Magee and he was really animated so it was nice to get his thoughts.

When you're a reporter you don't want the same thing as everybody else and while I wasn't the only one talking to him, I tried to take a different angle; you always want to get something different. After that we walk across the field and up 72 stairs and then I write a game story and a notebook. I'm usually done about 10 p.m., it's a long day but it's only one day a week.

Everything is new this year, I have no idea what to expect. I like to hear the band. My favorite part is the game itself and I'm a nut for flyovers, so I like that part. My least favorite part is transcribing my tape!

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