Ask Steve: Indiana Week

Sept. 30, 2010

Offensive lineman Stephen Schilling talks about trash talking and his number 52 in this installment of "Ask Steve," a season-long project on The fifth-year senior captain will take your questions over email and Facebook and answer the best ones every Friday on MGoBlue.

Email your questions to or watch for Steve's Friday post on the Michigan football Facebook fan page and leave a comment.

Mike Richard emails: "Why do you wear the number 52?"

There's a little story behind why I wear 52, but it might not be that interesting. At my high school, numbers often get passed down from good senior players to up-and-comers. After my freshman year on the freshman team, as I was preparing to join varsity, the all-league offensive tackle from the year before wore 52. I can remember my coach coming up to me, handing me that number and saying it was a good lineman number. When I left, it passed on to a kid named David DeCastro, who's starting at guard for Stanford, and still wears 52. When I got to college, that same number was open, so I took it.

Sean Carlson emails: "Which Michigan player talks the most trash during the game?"

This is a tough one. There aren't too many guys who actually talk a lot of trash on our team. A lot of us just play hard and let our play do the talking. If I had to pick one person from the offense and defense, I'd pick David Molk on offense and J.T. Floyd on defense.

Chad Salisbury emails: "I think all of you have improved tremendously, but I have been most amazed at the improvement of Perry Dorrestein. What's your impression of someone who's come the furthest on the O-Line?"

Chad, I would definitely have to agree with you about Perry. He got his chance to play quite a bit last year, worked really hard this offseason to keep his starting spot, and definitely has done very well through the first few games of the season. He's a veteran who knows what he's doing out there and he's put his experience to good work. A guy who hasn't got much playing time (yet) that has come a long way is Ricky Barnum. He's extremely talented and can play all five positions on the line, and play them well. Ricky is a really good friend of mine, and I'm really excited to see what he can do when he gets to play more often. He's going to be a big asset to the team the next few years.

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