Ask Steve: Michigan State Week

Oct. 7, 2010

It's another edition of "Ask Steve." Today, Michigan football captain and fifth-year offensive lineman Stephen Schilling talks about childhood injuries, the hardest classes he's taken at Michigan and the likelihood of teammate Taylor Lewan scoring a touchdown in his college career. Stephen will take your questions over email and Facebook and answer the best ones every Friday on MGoBlue.

Email your questions to or watch for Steve's Friday post on the Michigan football Facebook fan page and leave a comment.

Liz Smith asks on Facebook: "What's the worst injury you've suffered not related to football?"

Luckily, I haven't had too many serious injuries in my life, either on the football field or off of it. Probably the worst injury I've suffered was when I was 11 or 12 years old and was getting ready for basketball practice. I went outside to take out the garbage and on my way back in I slipped on the wet grass and hit my head directly on a cement step. I cut my head open really bad and had to have 15 stitches. I missed a few days of school too.

Kirt Albrecht emails: "What has been the most difficult course you've taken at Michigan? I graduated from Michigan in 1987 and I was thankful when I passed (just barely) Calc 115 & 116.

I've taken a few pretty tough classes at Michigan. One that I can remember giving me trouble my freshman year was Econ. I took it in the spring term, so it was at an accelerated pace, and was pretty tough. Another class that was pretty tough was a Japanese religion class. I ended up doing well, but it was tough because I wasn't familiar with the subject at all.

Alan French emails: "What do think the odds are that sometime this season if you're on the one yard-line on first or second down that we'll see Taylor Lewan get the ball just to feed his need for attention and the obvious comic relief that it would provide? I for one, am all for it!"

I'd say Taylor will get a chance on the goal line when pigs fly, when hell freezes over or when I beat Shoelace in a footrace -- take your pick. Haha! Usually, we just want to get the ball in the end zone when we get that close. Maybe when Taylor is a senior if there's a blowout game or something -- MAYBE then it could happen -- but otherwise, I'd say the odds are slim to none.

Kevin Strecker asks on Facebook: "Does the team watch a movie on Friday night? Who gets to pick each week?"

The team watches a movie together every Friday night. Before the season starts, the seniors put together a list of movies they'd want to see, and our video director picks one off the list each week.

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