Ask Steve: Iowa Week

Oct. 14, 2010

University of Michigan football captain and fifth-year offensive lineman Stephen Schilling talks food, superstitions and fumble pile-ups in this edition of "Ask Steve."

Each Friday, Steve answers your questions sent in through email and on Facebook covering topics ranging from football, school, relationships and pop culture. Email your questions to or watch for Steve's Friday post on the Michigan football Facebook fan page and leave a comment.

Bryant Nowicki emails: "I watch MTV Cribs every now and then. In every episode they show what's in the celebrity's fridge. What do you keep in your fridge? Do you have anything that you always have to have in there?"

Bryant, you're my roommate. I live with you -- you know there's nothing in our fridge. But for the sake of the question, I always have to have something to drink like Gatorade because I can get really thirsty after practices. I don't do much grocery shopping though, so there isn't anything I make sure I buy or keep stocked.

John Hale emails: "Do you have any pregame superstitions or rituals?"

I can be a superstitious guy, but I try not to be. When I was in high school I wore the same pair of underwear and the same undershirt for every game, and I always ate a Subway sandwich after school on Fridays. I've had fewer superstitions since I've been in college. I like to get to the stadium and quickly get all my lower body braces and pads on, including shoes, and then sit and read the game program. It keeps me relaxed before the game, and I do that every week.

Ca2Mi emails: "Who were your football icons growing up?"

Since I didn't play football until high school, I didn't have many football icons as a young kid. When I started playing offensive line, I looked up to the offensive line on the Seahawks (my hometown team). At that time, Steve Hutchinson and Walter Jones were teamed up on the left side of the line and were two of the best in the league, so I definitely looked up to them. It's absolutely an honor to be able to play left guard at Michigan and follow in the footsteps of one of the best offensive lineman ever in Steve Hutchinson, who I looked up to when I was back in Seattle.

Fred Harris asks on Facebook: "Can you comment on some of the things that you've seen, heard, felt, etc, at the bottom of a fumble recovery pile?"

It's pretty crazy at the bottom of one of those piles. I've been lucky to be able to recover a few fumbles in my career. Often times you fall on the ball and then have four or five other guys jump on top of you. Guys are trying to dig at the ball and get it out of your arms by any means necessary. I try to grab the ball and hold it as hard as I can. We actually learn techniques for recovering fumbles and how to cover the ball and secure it tightly.

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