Monday Press Conference: Bye Week
Brady Hoke

Oct. 21, 2013

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Michigan Head Coach Brady Hoke

Opening statement ... "It was great to win the football game the other night; obviously, we don't like winning games when we give up that many points. We've got to do a better job defensively in some areas. It was a great offensive performance, the plan itself going into the game to take advantage of some of the things Indiana does defensively with some double moves, the play-action game out of the two-back, the 12-personnel sets were good. It helped that we were able to move the ball. I thought the guards were -- and I'm sure I'll be asked -- the guards did a nice job. Were they perfect? No, but I think all three of them did a nice job. The unfortunate thing is that Joey (Burzynski); we'll probably lose for the rest of the year with an ACL (injury), which really -- you look at your depth and you look at going into the last five games -- you need everybody. We're fortunate that Chris Bryant will compete, and Kyle Kalis will compete. That helps you a little bit, but you feel bad for Joey because he has worked so hard to get to this point."

On true freshman Kyle Bosch's development ... "I think you look at a couple of things that helped him, number one coming in in January; I think that helped the learning curve a little bit. I think being here with (Aaron) Wellman during the summer was huge. Taylor (Lewan) and how he's pushed Kyle. I think that's helped. The guy has always been -- everyday he can knock you off the football. David Baas was kind of that guy -- that's who he reminds me of. Now, believe me he's got a long way to go to meet those expectations, but he's a physical guy. He's got some areas that he needs to do better, and obviously the big test in a few weeks: you're playing one of the top five defenses in the country and in our conference in all the categories. We've got a lot of work to do before then."

On if the offensive line, with the additions of Kyle Bosch and Eric Magnuson at guard, will be the line going forward ... "I like the progress that they've made, and even the guys who didn't start, the weeks that they had was also significant in their development. That competition that we always have is helping us as a football team."

On how Kyle Kalis responded to losing his starting spot ... "He responded probably like you would like him to. He's had a good week of practice; he came out and was physical. He really understands that we're going to need him in the next five games. I can assure you that we'll need every guy that we have along both fronts to play their best football."

On Drew Dileo's status ... "The only guy who will be out (against Michigan State) is Joey."

On Devin Gardner's improved pocket presence ... "I think there's no doubt that he's done a really good job every week in the fundamentals. I think his improvement in that area where he can catch a little time and step up -- and he's got a place to step up also which helps -- and so I think that part of it has been a real positive. We really think that he's getting better weekly. Now there were two times the other day that I would've liked to have seen him throw the ball out of bounds when he got out of the pocket; he'll learn from those, too."

On what areas the team will work on toward the goal of winning the Big Ten title ... "There's no doubt that we're confident in that. I think from a standpoint of we've got to keep improving both fronts; that's something we have to do a better job of. Coming out of this game, we need to shore up some things from a playing-the-ball aspect on the back end. There were about four balls that we had our hands on that you would've liked to have us come down with. That's something that you think you don't have to coach a whole lot, but you do. You have to put them in those situations so they'll have that confidence. You do it during the week, but we have to emphasize it a little more. And we have to tackle better. Our safety production in tackling needs to be a little better."

On how the team will approach the bye week ... "We'll practice Thursday and Friday this week and then Sunday. We'll start obviously by cleaning up some things we didn't like (against Indiana). We'll take some time to heal them up a little bit, they'll lift and do everything and then just coaches will be in a little more to start working on Michigan State."

On how Devin Funchess' production opened up the defense for Jeremy Gallon ... "I think there is no question that was part of it. The threat that Devin is vertically down the field. I don't think there's any doubt that he had a lot of attention from Indiana and their secondary. That in turn helps out if you're going to combo or double a guy, helps another guy out."

On Jake Ryan's progress fitting into the defense ... "You're always a little apprehensive, at least I know I am, but I think the more snaps that he's played the more comfortable he is. And believe me, he's never said he wasn't comfortable, but as a coach I would like him to be comfortable and feel good about how he feels. I think he's done a pretty good job."

On the defense coming up with important plays late against Indiana ... "I think there were three drives or three possessions in the fourth quarter where they made some plays. We fumbled, and they get the ball back. Thomas (Gordon) comes up with the pick, does a nice job of reading the quarterback. I think that was significant because it enabled us to go put the ball in the end zone. We responded there, and we responded later in the fourth quarter. The sack at the end was obviously good to get; we'd like to have a little more earlier."

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