Football In-Game Features vs. Penn State

Oct. 24, 2009

Pre-game Flyover
Timing it just right, a pair of F-18 Super Hornets performed a flyover at Michigan Stadium as the final strains of the Star Spangled Banner were played by the Michigan band. At the controls of one of the aircraft was Michigan graduate, Lieutenant Jeff Sweitzer.

Levels of Extreme Weather
At kickoff, rain was blowing sideways on the field and the cold temperatures penetrated to the bone. Where inclement weather is concerned, there is snow, rain, wind and Jamie Morris' personal enemy, sleet.

"Sleet is by far the worst," said Morris on the sideline prior to the game. "It comes in sideways and you can't see. That was before visors on helmets, but you don't want to wear a visor either because it just sticks. Every time I caught a ball it would hurt so bad I'd run to the sideline and yell, let's run the [ball]."

Wolverines Emotional to Open the Game
On the sidelines prior to kickoff, the team was in a frenzy. Players and coaches were bouncing on their toes, fired up after an emotional anthem, a military flyover and the roar of a fired-up crowd. Even water boys were slamming their fists on tables. Michigan's emotion in the opening drive took them down the field for a score, the first touchdown Penn State had allowed in the first half all season.

Dry Towels on the Sideline
Dry towels are important in wet weather and a Wolverine's best friend is the Power Dry by Shock Doctor. Looking like an ordinary black duffel bag, a blower directs ionized, ozonated air (heated or unheated) into the bag to dry and deodorize towels. All game long, fresh towels were removed from the Power Dry and handed to players. Rumors of Nittany Lion players using ShamWows went uncorroborated.

A Glimpse at Steve Schilling in the Locker Room
Standing at his locker after the loss, offensive lineman Steve Schilling gave an interview to a few media members before him. Tape around his right wrist was flecked with blood and a bright red burn wound on his elbow stood out on his rain-soaked uniform. Black rubber flecks from the field turf hung in his beard and stuck to his uniform as he answered questions in the quiet locker room.

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