Ask Steve: Penn State Week

Oct. 29, 2010

Michigan football captain and fifth-year offensive lineman Stephen Schilling talks about the Michigan Marching Band, the bye week and night games in this edition of "Ask Steve."

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Laurie emails: "I grew up hanging around the band and football team at Ferry Field. Do you ever watch the band practice?"

I don't really ever get to watch the band practice, but I'm a huge fan. Usually we're practicing at the same time the band does, so we can't watch, but we can hear them practicing from their practice field all the way to ours. I wish I could see them more often, especially on game days. They're a huge part of what we do and any success we have.

Kelly French asks on Facebook: "What do you think about the upcoming night game at Penn State? Is it hard for the team to play night games since our normal latest start in the year is at 3:30? Does it have an effect on the whole gameday routine?"

I'm extremely excited about the Penn State night game. Night games are always the best atmosphere because the crowds are rowdy and fun to play in front of. I also think it takes a lot of the guys back to their high school days when all or most of the games were played under the lights on Friday nights. There's a little more waiting around on game day, and that can get monotonous, but it's all worth it when you get out there at night to play.

Desmond Walker emails: "What did you do on your bye week?"

The bye week was nice. I got some rest and relaxed a little bit, as well as recharged the battery for the second half of the season. I went golfing a couple times, went to the Red Wings game Saturday night, and just spent some good time with my friends. We also had practice Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to make sure we corrected any mistakes we've had in the first half of the season.

Carl Herstein asks on Facebook: "Steve, what would you and the team like the fans to do, both at the games and away from them, that would be most helpful to the team?"

We really appreciate all the support we've been getting through the first half of the season. Continued support through the second half is all we can ask for. We couldn't do it week in and week out without all of our fans!

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