Weekly Press Conference: U-M Battles Gophers for Little Brown Jug
By Bruce Madej

Rodriguez Transcript | Archived Video (WMV)

Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez made a point to tell the media Monday that this football team is not feeling sorry for itself after the loss to Purdue but is getting ready to play its next game at Minnesota this Saturday.

Rodriguez told the team Sunday night that they need to remember that they are playing this week "for the Little Brown Jug, playing for themselves, playing for their teammates and playing for Michigan." And as Rodriguez said "thats a lot to play for."

With U-M being knocked out of any opportunity to keep its 33-year consecutive bowl streak alive after Saturdays loss, Rodriguez knows what he has to do to keep this team going, and he feels confident the team will respond.

He noted how the team has "improved each and every week." The problem he points out is that the improvement is happening Monday through Friday, and has not translated into wins on Saturday, and game day is when everyone wants to see that improvement.

The coaching staff is identifying the problems and now it is up to this staff to solve those issues. Of course, Rodriguez knew that it would take time for the transition but admitted "it has not been as easy as he first thought."

In fact, Rodriguez mentioned that the team still has to work on fundamentals and technique, even this late into the season. And the players agreed with Rodriguez assessment (when asked) during their interview sessions.


Rodriguez said Carson Butler played "23 or 24 snaps" against Purdue. The team needs more pressure on the quarterback from the defensive end and Rodriguez believes Butler can provide that pressure.


Game time for the home finale will be noon EST with the game broadcast on either ESPN or ESPN2.

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