Ask Steve: Purdue Week

Nov. 11, 2010

University of Michigan football captain and fifth-year offensive lineman Stephen Schilling answers questions about bowl memories, Michigan's quarterbacks and what college team he'd most like to play against in this edition of Ask Steve.

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Lisa Dean emails: "Congratulations on being bowl eligible! What are some of your best memories from being in bowl games in the past?"

Thank you! It certainly is a great feeling knowing that we'll be heading back to a bowl. It has been a few years, but I'm really excited to make some new bowl memories. My freshman year I wasn't playing at all because I was redshirted and injured, so most of my good memories come from my redshirt freshman year. Beating Florida that year is a game I'll never forget, and I can still see Coach Carr being carried off the field after the win in his final game as head coach. Perfect ending.

Matt Evans emails: "What college football team would you most like to go up against?"

There's a lot of teams I'd love to get a chance to play. As always, you want to play the best to measure where you are, so I'd like to play Auburn or Oregon right now. But being from Washington, I've always wanted to play against the hometown team, although it doesn't look like that's going to happen.

Tyler Fenwick emails: "How much credit do Denard, Tate or any of the backs give the offensive linemen for their success?"

Denard, Tate, and the other backs give all of the credit to the offensive line, and we try to give it right back. We understand that the offensive line does a lot of the work but gets little attention unless something goes bad, and we're okay with that, but it's nice to hear when Denard and the rest of the guys in the backfield give us credit for their success. I know Denard especially doesn't love all the attention, so he likes to deflect it onto us on the O-Line.

Rose Moncman emails: "Have you had the chance to travel throughout the state and see any of the beautiful sites, such as the Mackinaw Bridge, Mackinaw Island, or Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes?"

Unfortunately, I haven't gotten around to seeing a lot of the sites in Michigan. Whenever my parents visit they travel around the state and they have seen most of it, but I haven't gotten the opportunity. I'm expecting to come back one day and see everything I've missed the last four years. Mackinaw Island would be up there on my list, I've heard it's awesome.

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