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1998 FBL vs. Wisconsin -- postgame quotes

Michigan Head Coach Lloyd Carr

On the injury to running back Justin Fargas ...
"The loss of Fargas at the end is a big blow. Anytime you have an injury it is a concern. We do not know the extent of the injury. He is on his way to the hospital right now. We hope it is not too serious."

On the way the team has been playing as of late ...
"We started this season in a hole and the most important thing is when things go bad you keep believing and that is what they did. This is a group of guys that has heart and was willing to fight back."

On the win over Wisconsin ...
"This team came ready to play again this week. I did not expect it to be quite like it was. This group of guys have really come on, especially offensively the last two games. Offensively, we did not do a good job in the second half as we did in the first half. We had that interception in the end zone that was a bad play. We made some good blocks and ran the ball well again this week. Anytime we have two running backs running for over 100 yards it is a good Michigan game. It was the first time all season that we had a big run like that. (Offensive coordinator) Mike DeBord did a great job calling the game."

On the defense ...
"The defense did not let (running back Ron) Dayne get any big gains today. He is a big guy and they did a nice job. The crowd helped us today; the audibles are hard to call on the line of scrimmage when the crowd is as loud as it has been the last two weeks. They have really helped us these past two games. The defensive coaches did a nice job with their play calling. We played extremely hard up front. (Rob) Renes, (James) Hall, (Josh) Williams, (Jake) Frysinger, all those guys up front did great. Our linebackers are small compared to their guys and did well blocking and not allowing any big plays."

On the game next week against Ohio State ...
"It is one of the great rivalries in college football and every player is looking forward to that game. This is one of the games that the players come to Michigan to be a part of. My job is easy when it comes to motivating the players for Ohio State. Since I came here years ago, I have always felt that there is nothing better than this game. You know that both teams are going to play hard and all the coaches are going to coach hard. Anybody that gets to be a part of this game is part of tradition."

Junior Rush Linebacker James Hall

On Wisconsin running back Ron Dayne ...
"He is a very strong back. He starts slow in the backfield and then when he gets going he is tough to bring down. We just tried to get penetration and not allow him to get past the line of scrimmage."

On the two losses to start the season ...
"After those two losses, we did not give up; we dedicated ourselves to becoming a better football team. We did not want to settle and give up on the season. We have tried to play one game at a time, game by game we have done that. We have had some tough ones along the way, but we have pulled together and placed ourselves in a position to compete for the Rose Bowl."

Senior Running Back Clarence Williams

On playing in his final game in Michigan Stadium ...
"It was very special just playing in a great stadium like this. To win a share of the championship, it is very special. We have to keep everything in perspective and just enjoy the moment. We still have to go down to Ohio State."

On the last two victories ...
"I think it says we are a group of guys that stay together no matter what people say about us. We believe in ourselves and that is one of our mottos, play for the man next to you. Every player came out focused this week."

Junior Quarterback Tom Brady

On the offensive line ...
"All the credit goes to those guys. They continue to get better as a unit and they have come out and played tough every game."

Senior Cornerback Andre Weathers

On playing in final game at Michigan Stadium ...
"You are always going to have memories. It seems like just yesterday we came in here as freshmen. The team sent us out with a win, that is something you always want. I want to thank all of them for that."

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