Oct 16, 2010


With starting quarterback Denard Robinson knocked out of the game with injury in the third quarter, sophomore Tate Forcier took the reins with the Wolverines trailing, 21-7. After a Hawkeye score made it 28-7, Forcier engineered three scoring drives in the fourth quarter, the first of which culminated in a two-yard TD run from Stephen Hopkins that breathed new life into the Wolverine offense. Tate Forcier talks about the play that sparked his offense in the fourth and made the U-M comeback a possibility.

The player and photographer were asked to recall the moment and share their memory of the photo.

Tate Forcier's Take:
"The play we called was a designed run for Stephen; I just had to carry out my fake. I joked with him in the huddle that he better get into the end zone and he promised me he would. That touchdown boosted our momentum, but unfortunately we ran out of time. (When asked about celebrating after Michigan's scores, Tate was effusive) The fans are such a big part of the game. Momentum is everything in college football if the crowd is rowdy and into it, it makes a big difference. I try to hype up our players and the crowd and on Saturday the fans really helped us. They did their part, we just fell short."

Here's how photographer Eric Bronson got the shot:
"Shooting goal line plays in football, photographers are always thankful for a clear shot of the score, whereas it is usually a jumble of bodies with no clean sign of the ball. This image has a good mix of foreground and background elements that pulls together the story being told. This image was shot using a 70-200mm lens so I have the option of getting tight with a run play or go wide if it was a pass play."

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