Oct 30, 2010


Early in the second quarter, facing second down and eight on the Penn State 43-yard line, Denard Robinson dropped back and threw to Junior Hemingway, who went up for the ball and hauled in the 21-yard reception, maintaining possession despite being hit by the Nittany Lion defender. Hemingway's catch put Michigan in field goal range, allowing U-M to add three points and cut the Penn State lead to four points. Here is what Hemingway and photographer Eric Bronson remember about the Picture Perfect play.

Junior Hemingway's Take:
"I was lined up in a three wide set with D.C. (Darryl Stonum) and Tree (Roy Roundtree). I had a seam read, but I stayed on the move. When Denard threw the ball, I thought it was going to Tree, but when I saw it coming to me I jumped up to make the catch. I got hit low and landed on the guy and realized I hadn't touched the ground. I thought, 'I'll keep going,' and tried to run for extra yards. On plays like that, the first thing I think about is the catch. We practice that a lot and even though I got hit I knew I had to hang onto the ball."

Here's how photographer Eric Bronson got the shot:
"I was moving from one end of the Michigan bench to the other and made my way to the sideline with just enough time to kneel and fire off a few shots of Hemingway coming down with the ball. With my 400mm lens, I was at a good range and angle to capture the play. After he caught the ball, I thought he was going to keep on going the way he landed."

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