Oct 9, 2010


Michigan trailed Michigan State, 7-3, in the second quarter and needed a score to regain momentum in the game. Quarterback Denard Robinson and the offense started the drive at their own 40-yard line and eight plays later faced a second-and-10 from the Spartan 12. On the next play, Robinson and the offensive line flowed to the right side of the field and tight end Martell Webb, lined up on the left, slipped past the defender and into the defensive secondary. Robinson stopped, turned and threw the ball to the wide-open Webb, who bowled past the Spartan defender and into the end zone for Michigan's first touchdown of the day. The reception was Webb's first of the season and the second TD catch of his collegiate career.

The player and photographer were asked to recall the moment and share their memory of the photo.

Martell Webb's Take:
"When the coaches signaled the play, we knew it had a good chance of going for a touchdown. I got pretty wide open and I knew once Denard threw the ball I'd have to look it in before I ran. That's what I did. I caught it and saw the defender near the goal line, but I wasn't going to let him tackle me. When I scored he was still hanging onto my waist, so I sort of shook him off and all I could see were the fans. The student section was right in front of me and I just looked up and celebrated. I stayed off Twitter until Sunday night but when I checked it was backed up. I got a ton of people tweeting at me and a lot of supporters who believe in us. Our fans are great -- they're crazy!"

Here's how photographer Martin Vloet got the shot:
"I've had good luck in the north end zone the last few weeks. Against Bowling Green, I captured Jeremy Gallon's first touchdown of the season and against Michigan State, it was Martell Webb's turn to notch his first catch of the year -- and take it to the house. On the touchdown play, Denard faked to his right and turned back to hit Webb with quick shot over the left hash mark. Martell broke for the end zone, dragging an MSU defender the last few yards. I was sitting with a 600mm lens and my 70-200mm. I grabbed the shorter lens in time to watch the play unfold and was especially happy with the image you see here. I love seeing the spray of infill as the players contact the field."

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