Sept. 11, 2010


Already with 500 yards of total offense on the afternoon, quarterback Denard Robinson lined up in the shotgun with the ball on the Notre Dame two-yard line with his Wolverines trailing, 24-21. Robinson took the snap, running behind halfback Vincent Smith and his surging offensive line, and flowed left with his blockers, cutting back to his right for an open lane to the end zone and scoring the game-winning touchdown with just 27 seconds left on the clock. Photographer Eric Bronson captured the moment.

The player and photographer were asked to recall the moment and share their memory of the photo.

Denard's Take:
After the ball was snapped I started making my reads: from the tackle to the guard to the center. I didn't really focus on anything else. I saw everyone flowing over top and when I cut back it was wide open. It was me and one guy and we had to see who was the better guy.

Photographer Eric Bronson's take:
I took a bit of a chance when positioning myself during the last few plays of Michigan's game-winning drive by locating to the five-yard line instead of the back of the end zone. What it produced was a clean shot of Denard, facing me, crossing the goal line for the game-winning touchdown. The exhausted look on his face shows how hard he had been working all day, plus being sandwiched by two Fighting Irish defenders after taking big hits throughout the game.

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