Sept. 18, 2010


On the opening possession of the game, UMass surprised the Michigan defense by driving all the way to the Wolverine 19 in seven plays. With a fresh set of downs, UMass managed two yards in the next two plays setting up a pivotal third-and-eight on the 17. The Minutemen had already converted two third downs on the drive and UMass called a pass to try and convert a third time. Quarterback Kyle Havens received heavy pressure on the play and threw a high pass to his receiver, Anthony Nelson (No. 2) who was in the crosshairs of linebacker Jonas Mouton. Mouton lowered a thunderous boom on Nelson who was able to hang onto the ball, but the pass gained just five yards and the Minutemen had to settle for a field goal.

The player and photographer were asked to recall the moment and share their memory of the photo.

Ryan Van Bergen's Take:
I was upfield trying to get to the quarterback when he released the ball. Jonas was in good position and it was a solid hit. When you make a big hit it feels like an accomplishment. You play the whole game looking for a clean shot at somebody and that was a clean shot. Jonas has his head in the right position and that was a drive-ender right there.

Photographer Martin Vloet's take:
In the first quarter, I was set up in the south end zone watching the Michigan defense face the Minutemen. On this play, Ryan Van Bergen and Mike Martin were closing on UMass quarterback Kyle Havens. Havens had to leave his feet to get his pass off above the Michigan linemen. I could see Jonas Mouton downfield watching the play unfold. It was clear that he had a line on the pass the whole way. Mouton closed the distance quickly as wide receiver Anthony Nelson made the catch high in the air. Mouton hit Nelson and took him down hard. I was surprised Nelson maintained possession.

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