Sept. 25, 2010


With Michigan leading 14-0 in the first quarter and starting quarterback Denard Robinson out with injury, freshman QB Devin Garnder entered the game to continue Michigan's offensive drive. Gardner moved Michigan to the Bowling Green 13-yard line in three plays, setting up an 11-yard pass to slot receiver Jeremy Gallon, who sprinted to the edge of the end zone and dove across the goal line for the score. It was the first touchdown of Gallon's career and the first collegiate TD pass for Gardner.

The player and photographer were asked to recall the moment and share their memory of the photo.

Jeremy Gallon's Take:
"I lined up on the left and we ran a bubble screen. Junior Hemingway blocked his man out of bounds and all the way to the wall, so I had a nice opening. I made a little jab and tried to get to the end zone. I kept driving my feet -- I just wanted to score. When I scored my first touchdown, I always wanted to kick the ball into the stands and do the Tootsie Roll. Before I got a chance to do any of that, Taylor Lewan ran over and picked me up. It's probably better it happened that way."

Here's how photographer Martin Vloet got the shot:
"I was in the north endzone as Michigan marched the length of the field. I watched Devin Gardner hit his first career pass two plays before this one. I pulled up my 200mm lens, preparing for a play down middle or the right, but watched Gardner hit Jeremy Gallon in the left flat -- across the field from me. Gallon took the pass from outside the 10, broke out of a near-horse-collar tackle at the two-yard line, and dove across the goal line for a spectacular first career touchdown. Shooting with a wider lens than I planned gave me a nice view of the closing defenders and the reaction of the Michigan fans in the background."

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