Sept. 4, 2010


Moments after the final second ticked off the scoreboard and the University of Michigan football team's 30-10 season-opening win over Connecticut was sealed, the Wolverines raced over to sing The Victors with the student section. Photographer Eric Bronson captured the moment as the star of the game, quarterback Denard Robinson, leaped into the stands to celebrate with his teammates and fellow students.

The player and photographer were asked to recall the moment and share their memory of the photo.

Denard's Take:
It's fun when you can celebrate with your teammates, coaches and the students you see every day on campus and in class. I love celebrating with our fans because they give us so much support.

Photographer Eric Bronson's take:
With the the fourth quarter coming to an end, I had enough time to make my way to the student section and equip my wide-angle lens. Denard arrived shortly after the rest of the team and jumped up to the railing right in front of me. I held my camera as high as I could and fired off a few shots of him and fans celebrating. There's a wealth of emotion going on in this image, excitement, celebration, optimism, and maybe just a little bit of relief.

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