Nov. 20, 2010

On Saturday against Wisconsin, quarterback Denard Robinson made history breaking the NCAA single-season record for rushing yards by a quarterback while also becoming the first QB in NCAA history to rush for 1,500 yards and pass for 1,500 yards in a single season. Robinson's exploits are surely worthy of Heisman Trophy consideration and Saturday was not the first time he inadvertently flashed the iconic pose during a game. We asked Denard about last Saturday's game and found out how photographer Scott Galvin got this Picture Perfect shot.

Denard Robinson's Take:
"I never know I'm striking a pose or anything, I'm just trying to protect the ball and gain yards. This year has been crazy, with all the fans and the support. I always knew Michigan Stadium would be a great place to play but it's been... crazy, is all I can say. I don't have words for how great it's been. The tradition and the excellence. Michigan is a great place to be."

Photographer Scott Galvin's Take:
"The shot of Denard is one that I have been hoping for since the Notre Dame game. However, it's not a shot that I was necessarily expecting to happen or even trying to get. To some degree the shot was luck, but at the same time luck only happens when opportunity meets preparation.

"Part of my job is being ready for anything. And after many years of photographing football and other athletic events you become able to anticipate plays and moments. Although I didn't anticipate the "Heisman pose," I was anticipating him breaking a tackle or two as he ran the ball. I knew I had a good shot of him running, but I certainly didn't think I had this image until I was reviewing images on the back of the camera during a break.

"This shot is exactly why I shoot the roughly 1,500 images per game that I do. Since I cannot predict the exact outcome of a play I tend to shoot everything from before the ball snaps to after the whistle blows. This constant shooting allows me to capture everything I think is important to the event and minimize the chance of missing a potentially historic photo."

Photo Gallery: Football vs. Wisconsin

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