In the Spotlight: Andrew Yeager

Sept. 21, 2013

Helping the Wolverines to a season-opening third-place finish at the Wolverine Intercollegiate, Andrew Yeager assisted with a career-best weekend. He posted a 54-hole tournament total of 216, topping his prior best by 16 strokes as he descended each of his rounds with tallies of 73, 72 and 71 -- which tied a career best -- in the final round. Keeping with the momentum he gained from the opening event, Yeager and the rest of the Wolverines are wasting little time getting back to competition, heading to Northwestern's Windon Memorial Classic Classic (Sun-Mon., Sept. 22-23). Prior to leaving for the Chicago area, Yeager took a few minutes from practice to talk with for a spotlight segment.

A Yeager Andrew Yeager
Grand Rapids, Mich.

On the season-opening Wolverine Intercollegiate ... "I really drove the ball well. It was really good. I was in on almost every hole. What didn't go well was executing my shots from 50 to 125 yards, my wedge shots. I didn't give myself enough opportunities to score and take advantage of how I was hitting it off the tee."

On posting a career-best 54-hole tournament total during the Wolverine Intercollegiate ... "It was definitely a good start. Any time you get into a tournament and you shoot around par it is a good thing. However, there is always room to improve. Even though it was good start and a home tournament -- so you have a little bit of a comfort -- I know there is going to be some of those little jitters when we get to the next event on the road."

On the team's third-place finish at the Wolverine Intercollegiate ... "It was a good start coming off the summer. Obviously, we wanted to win, but the fact that we didn't win is okay. We were able to get off to a good start. We had some really good individual performances. It was a great way for us to build some momentum going into the rest of the fall season."

On the talk that Michigan is a young team ... "We talk about it a little bit. Even though we are young and people are going to talk about us being young, we don't feel like we are young. We feel like we are experienced. The caliber of players we have on this team, we don't have to worry about our age per say. We feel we can go into every tournament on the same level as everyone else."

On wasting no time getting back to playing with the upcoming Windon Memorial Classic ... "It's good to get right back out there and compete again. Sometimes you have certain feelings and things are going your way that you don't want to overthink it. You just go out and play with what you got. That's what we are planning on doing."

On goals at the Windon Memorial, other than winning ... "One main goal is finishing off rounds. We have had some issues closing -- playing solid golf for 15 holes and then not closing over the last three holes. We are playing well right now and if we can finish each of our rounds well, then that will put us in a great spot to do some good things when it is all said and done."

On getting back to traveling on the road with the team and what he expects ... "One thing we all look forward to is going out to dinner as a team. All the guys get along so well, that going out dinner is just a great time. The food is always really good too, so we are looking forward to that. With it being Chicago there will be plenty of places to choose from. Either way it will be good stuff."

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