In the Spotlight: Bryce Evon

Oct. 4, 2013

With two events in the books, Bryce Evon has taken full advantage of contributing as a freshman. He has started both events and helped the Wolverines to back-to-back third-place team finishes. Prior to leaving for the Erin Hills Collegiate, Evon took a few minutes from practice to talk with for a spotlight segment.

Bryce Evon
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

On how the start of his first season of college golf has gone ... "It's been pretty incredible. Opening at home was a special experience. It was comforting to start my collegiate career here at my home course. My parents were able to get out and watch me play. That in itself was pretty special to me."

On how the collegiate game differs from his prep and junior play ... "It's a little bit different. When you are out there making decisions, it is just not for yourself anymore. You have to start thinking about the team. Everything you do is in the best interest of the team. That's been an adjustment, but I am a team oriented guy, and I enjoy that aspect of it. In terms of golf, it's just playing golf. The game itself has not changed, it's just my mindset."

On his first college road trip to the Windon Memorial Classic ... "It was pretty cool. I have traveled around to play golf a lot with my parents. It was different this time having your team members there. Everyone has their Michigan bags with them. You show up to the tournament, and all the bags from all the schools are lined up. It's a special feeling. It just feels really good to have that block M on your chest."

On how his game is playing right now ... "I am not the longest hitter out there. So, my game is all about hitting fairways and keeping it in play. I have strayed away from that a little bit in the first two events, and my short game hasn't been where I have wanted it to be. But I have been working hard on the chipping green to get the short game going. I think if I can do that and keep the ball in play I can knock a few strokes off and contribute a little bit more."

On balancing academics and athletics at Michigan ... "It's been interesting to balance both of them. I am the type of guy that likes to give 100 percent in whatever I am doing. So, it is hard sometimes finding time to commit to doing both, but I have a great support staff with our coaches and our advisors. My advisor, Sarah (Rechnitzer) at the Academic Center, has been a huge help, and my professors have been very understanding so far. I just have a really good group behind me."

On if there have been any funny moments that have stuck out so far with this team ... "It's just been our bus rides to and from the airport. The guys had me pretty much in tears with some of the conversations we have. It's great because the laughter is just contagious. When one of us gets going, the next thing you know we are all almost in tears."

On the closeness of this team ... "It's a small team. You see everyone a lot. We all push each other. We are all very supportive of each other, which I think is very important."

On watching a game at the Big House ... "Well, I have been to a couple of games through my recruiting process, but I have never been to a game under the lights before. It was just spectacular. You have expectations going in and to see them exceed was just amazing. With us beating Notre Dame in a close game and being part of that atmosphere was just fantastic. You cannot really describe it. You just have to go and be there."

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