In the Spotlight: Brett McIntosh
Brett McIntosh

Oct. 12, 2013

Just three events into the fall season, and Brett McIntosh is averaging nearly three strokes less than a year ago and has six of his nine rounds at par or better. He and classmate Chris O'Neill have finished 1-2 in all three tournaments.

McIntosh took a few minutes from practice recently to talk with for a spotlight segment.

On starting the season well ... "I've been hitting the ball pretty solid. For the most part, I'm focusing on making good decisions on the course. Knowing when I can be aggressive, and it's just good to hit the middle of the green and walk away with par. My putting has been a lot better this year as well. This year I've been able to put myself on the green and know I have an opportunity for birdie, whereas last year I felt like I had to force things a little and go after some flags. Now I can let the golf course come to me, and that has definitely been a big help."

On the biggest change from last year to this year ... "I think knowing that when things aren't going exactly as you want it, you can't force it, whether it's your swing or something else. You just have to go with what you have that day rather than try to fix it on the golf course. Trust that you can do it. Rather than try to focus on how you are going to fix things and work with what you have that day."

On embracing a leadership role with Chris O'Neill ... "Chris and I definitely talk about it. The guys are all really mature. They know what we are doing and what our team goals are. It's been pretty easy for us. Everyone has been driven to practice hard and make the right decisions on and off the golf course. It's been easier than maybe other people would think with such a young team."

On the team's youth ... "We might be young, and you can look at other teams that might be older than us, but we have more experience. Chris and I have played every event so far in our collegiate careers. Andrew (Yeager) played a lot last spring for us, and Noori (Hyun) has a few years under his belt. These freshmen have played in big time events like the U.S. Juniors. We've seen all the guys growing up in their junior careers, and we've seen all the college guys before, so it really isn't anything different except for the block M on our shirt instead of just being ourselves."

On the fall outlook for the golf team ... "We didn't know exactly what was going to happen, how the freshmen were going to come in and play, so there was a little bit of a question mark coming into the year. But we knew that the freshmen were good players. We are not surprised with where we are at right now. Obviously, we would like to be doing better, but we are working on the right things, and we expect to be where we want to be at the end of the year."

On being one of two lefties on the team ... "It is nice to have another lefty on the team. I find it pretty easy to talk with the other players because my coach back home was a righty, but it is nice to mess with each other's equipment and finally someone to share stuff with instead of being all on my own."

On preferring to be a big hitter or playing it safe ... "I'm definitely leaning more to bash it off the tee. I've been pretty accurate with my driver. That's one of my strengths, and I'm comfortable doing that. It's always fun to hit some drives out there and make people stop and look at you for a couple seconds and try to figure out how it went that far. That's always a fun moment."

On remaining even keel and calm on the course ... "That has always been my thing. Golf is just a game to me. It is something that I love, and I learned early on watching kids get frustrated that getting frustrated leads to more mistakes. If I can be in the right mental mindset on the golf course no matter what is going on I feel like it gives me the upper hand."

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