In the Spotlight: Reed Hrynewich
Reed Hrynewich

Oct. 25, 2013

Starting three of the four fall events already, Reed Hrynewich has gained ground on where he wants to be as a golfer. However, he is never satisfied. Always thinking about the swing and improving, Hrynewich is looking forward to the final fall event in Kiawah Island, S.C., and more importantly seeing if all his hard work has paid off. Exploring that topic in-depth, Hrynewich took a few minutes from practice to talk with for a spotlight segment.

On how he would assess his first months of college golf ... "I would definitely say it's been an underachievement. It's been improving, but the idea of moving into the college life and dealing with the extra stresses while balancing school and golf, it can be tough at times. But every week I've felt more and more comfortable. I felt like I've played better, too, heading into qualifiers, and hopefully this last tournament will be better."

On being a lefty and having another lefty (Brett McIntosh) on the team ... "Two days ago, I was trying out a new putting grip and putting style, and Brett brought over four or five putters he had, and I was able to try those to see the different weights and figure out what putter I wanted to use for the last tournament. I've never had that luxury because I've always been the only lefty on my high school team and really in the area at home. Brett is a good mentor. It would probably be a little more helpful if he didn't hit it so far because I could probably hit some of his clubs, but it's been good, and I definitely like having another lefty. It's good just because I feel more comfortable on the range hitting next to a lefty, and it feels more normal rather than face out with everyone all the time."

On whether the team feels as young as they really are ... "At the beginning, when I looked at our team I thought we were young. And since the season's gone on I don't really see that at all. There are so many good players. We just feel like another team that's gone out there every week trying their best. It's good that we're all around the same age. It's better for bonding purposes. It's good for the freshmen this year because next year we'll have the same sophomores turning into juniors and juniors turning into seniors, so we're all just together, and that's a good thing for sure. I think we're just another team."

On having fun at Michigan as a student ... "I am having a lot of fun. I wouldn't have chosen any other school. I've had a great time with my roommate, Tom (Swanson). We're always with each other and Bryce (Evon), too. All three of us really complement each other well with our different things that we bring to the table for friendship, and we've had a great time together. I really enjoy going to practice and trying to improve. I've always been on team sports, and I love the team atmosphere. I've really enjoyed it very much."

On what he will focus the most on during this last fall tournament ... "I really go after the ball. I swing hard and fast and have way too much body movement. So these last qualifiers I've really focused on swinging smooth and really light, pretending that every single club that I'm hitting is a sand wedge. By doing that I noticed in qualifying that in the two rounds I only missed one green long and that was on a wedge shot that was right at it. So in this last event, I will really be working on that with each shot I take."

On what he will focus the most on his game over the winter break ... "In the winter, it's going to be all about tempo, having a short, relaxed swing and really working on less leg movement. I've picked up some drills that I'll be doing throughout the winter. I'm always thinking about the plane of the club, and where it's supposed to be. I always like my practice swings, but when I do my real swing, if your legs and body move so much, your swing moves also. So the bottom line is I need to focus on my body movements, and then the club is pretty much on plane, and I'm not falling back off. They go hand in hand. So this winter it will be all about tempo."

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