Postmeet Quotes: NCAA Individual Event Finals

April 12, 2014

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U-M Grad Student Syque Caesar
On emotions after sticking his high bar routine ... "It was close to a stick; it was actually a lot of relief. During the one touch we only had five minutes, and I had to jump from p-bars to high bar and didn't have enough time to put my grips on so I just hung there without grips. It was good; I was glad I got through it and nailed the routine. Once I landed, I was like 'I'm done.'"

On his feelings entering the University of Michigan ... "No way I could have never foreseen how far I have come in this sport. Like I said last night, I give it all to Kurt (Golder). He took a risk on me, and I think it paid off."

Michigan Head Coach Kurt Golder
On keeping the momentum going from last night ... "I don't know what I said. Good job, we accomplished our mission. Let's go out and get some more hardware. We didn't have a perfect day today, but we had eight opportunities to get All-American honors, and we got seven of the eight. There were a lot of days in my coaching career where I would have dreamt of having one All-American. It's pretty special for Sam (Mikulak) to finish the night last night, with a stuck dismount; for the team winning the NCAA championship. Then he finishes the individual finals with a stuck dismount and a national championship. You couldn't have written the script any better for him. He has done so much for Michigan gymnastics and USA gymnastics."

U-M Senior Sam Mikulak
On becoming one of the NCAA's most decorated male gymnasts ... "It feels good. That is a great class of men to be a part of, and I'm honored to be one of those gymnasts that will be forever remembered."

On this being his last competition ever for Michigan ... "I do realize that this is the close of my NCAA career for me. It's still processing I guess, it still has not hit me. Going through today, it was, 'Alright, I'm definitely pretty tired,' but it ended as well as I wanted it to end, and I'm just happy that it was on a very positive note."

On what he was feeling when he stuck his last routine on p-bars ... "There was so many different emotions you can put into there. It was just pure joy, I think that is the best one, and the one that will stand out the most."

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