Postgame Quotes: Penn State 5, #10 Michigan 4 (OT)

Feb. 21, 2014

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Michigan Head Coach Red Berenson
On tonight's loss ... "I knew they were a good team, and we all know they are a good team because of the way they played us at Penn State. For us to give up a 3-1 lead at home is tough to swallow, and then the late lead with the charge on the goal was a back-breaker against our power play. And then to give up that last-minute goal to tie the game is a tough pill to swallow. And they scored an overtime goal on a rush that could have been a goal for us, but we mishandled the puck and we didn't make the good play, and that led to the 2-on-1 and it was over. That's the way hockey is, so we're not happy about the outcome of the game or the way it took place."

On losing the lead after scoring two goals within one minute in the first period ... "When you have the lead at home, you should build on it. I thought our team got better in the second, and yet they were the hungrier team, you could see it. They had some life, and in the third period the game is on the line and we gave it away. They earned it, and we gave it away.

On Penn State being the hungrier team ... "I thought they were the hungrier team in the second period. I think there was a time where they had life, and they really started to take it to us. And we still had a scoreboard lead, but we weren't leading. For example, face offs. I know we were not doing well on face offs in the second period, and that starts with being a little more desperate.

On the team's confidence going into overtime ... "They had the momentum, but we went out and gave it a good shot, and then soon enough one turnover, one odd-man rush, and the puck is in the net and the game is over. It's as simple as that. This doesn't come down to talent, and this is really hard work and just sticking with it and the defense and hopefully the goalie will make up for your mistakes. And tonight it didn't happen."

Sophomore forward Andrew Copp on the consistency of this Michigan team...
“You said it, D-zone and turnovers. They had two or three breakaways tonight. Our defensive zone is like a fire sale right now you know. Everyone was just going every which way and we need to figure it out. Quickly.”

Copp on being outscored 5-2 after the first ten minutes...
“We are outscored 5-2 after scoring two goals in a row. That’s what happened. Our turnovers. D-zone. We had a good start which is what we were talking about before the game, but we have to play 60 minutes if we’re going to start winning games.

Sophomore forward Boo Nieves on trying to regain momentum...
“It’s real tough. It’s never good to give up a goal that late, but we battled back. Unfortunately made a few mistakes in overtime, gave up a goal, which led to their win.”

Copp on the general mood of the team...
“I think when you come to a place like this, with all the tradition, all the history, the legacy, playing for coach Berenson, and for us to be putting forth this effort is unacceptable. There’s not even close to enough pride, and it starts with me, it starts with Mac (Bennett) and Derek (DeBlois) and our seniors on down. I think everyone knows we need to pick it up because this is flat out unacceptable.”

Nieves on the teams effort tonight....
“I don’t think they outworked us. The whole game, I think there were times where we played down to their level, but I think we outworked them in their zone and we just made too many mistakes. That led to their goals.”

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