Postgame Quotes: #13 Michigan 2, Ohio State 2 (SO, L)

Feb. 28, 2014

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Michigan Head Coach Red Berenson
On the overall feel of the game ... I didn't like the first half of our game. I did like the second half. I thought we played hard from the midway point of the second period. We seemed to get going and we played a lot more in our zone, we started to get scoring chances, we had a couple that could have gone in and didn't, nevertheless you can't expect to win a game when you only play well for half a game.

On the change in momentum midway through the game ... I think everybody looked at the scoreboard. Midway through the game we only had seven shots. Now how can that be? And that was true. We weren't getting pucks to the net, we weren't in their zone, and it just seemed we picked up the pace. We got pucks in deep; we got pucks to the net. Our team started to play better hockey and from then on, we had a good third period. Nevertheless, it's a tough loss at home. It's a tie; you get one point out of it. That's not good enough for a home game at this time of year against this kind of team -- a conference team. It's disappointing to give that up.

On Ohio State's forecheck ... We were maybe just not as sharp with the puck and maybe not as sharp without the puck. Give them credit -- they're a good team and they played a good road game. They didn't let us get going. We're the home team -- we've got to get going.

On Michael Downing's shot off the post in overtime ... That's one of those chances that could have decided the game. We were all over them; we had our chances. It just didn't go in. We were playing well at that point; we could have won. It was a close game.

On missed power play opportunities ... We've got to get better. We'll have a good look at it. They blocked some shots and we missed some shots and then we shot some wide. We've got to work harder to get better scoring chances on the power play.

On Alex Guptill's return ... I thought he played hard -- one of his best games of the year. He showed up on the score sheet and he showed up on loose pucks and won battles and won races and played much better.

On the shootout ... Both goalies are good -- both teams had good players. Good skill. But you hate for it to come down to this.

U-M Senior Forward Derek DeBlois
On Michigan's defense tonight ... "I thought they played really well. We had (Andrew) Sinelli go out of the game kind of early, so we only had five on defense. But a bunch of guys stepped up and they did a great job of taking away (Ohio State's) time and space, and logged a lot of ice, which isn't easy in a game like that."

On having an extra day off before Sunday's game ... "At this point in the year, we know that every game is important. Taking an extra day off will let us get our legs back a little more, but we're looking forward to Sunday's game."

On not being able to score on the power play despite controlling the puck ... "We did possess the puck pretty well, but in the end you've got to take it to the net. I think we have to do a better job of getting bodies and pucks collapsing to the net when we have chances. We had a couple of chances where guys went towards the net, bodies getting there that we could have put one away, but we were just kind of a hair off, and we just have to stay positive and look forward to Sunday."

U-M Junior Forward Alex Guptill
On scoring two goals tonight ... "I was looking forward to getting back on the ice, and I'm looking forward now and not back. It was nice to get the two goals, and I think the team was making me look good out there, so compliments to them."

On Ohio State's effective forecheck ... "They're a good team. They're really good offensively, and that starts with their forecheck. They're a speedy team, so getting those pucks out quickly is going to help us in the next game."

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