Postgame Quotes: #13 Michigan 6, #1 Minnesota 2

March 15, 2014

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Michigan Head Coach Red Berenson
On if the team seemed to click from the beginning ... "Well, I would disagree, like the shots were ten to two after about six minutes or seven minutes, and I thought they kept us on our heels, and they had a power play, and you saw the saves that Zach Nagelvoort had to make in the early part of the game, but we got the first goal, and it got us through the first period, and then I thought we got better, and then the puck started to go in for us. Important goals, good power-play goal by Luke Moffatt, maybe a lucky goal, that first goal by Luke Moffatt, that bounced off the glass, it came high and he knocked it out of the air. It was an important goal for us, and then to get up by four, that was huge. That team is so dangerous, and they are a good team. They played their backup goalie tonight, and maybe they lost a little sense of urgency, they clinched first place last night. But I still liked our team, this was a must game for us and it was a good game effort."

On if the team proved it can play with anyone ... "Well, I think that was part of it. We proved we aren't out of place with these teams, and I don't know how many of those teams are in that bracket, but everybody is good at this time of year. Whether you are a first place team or a last place team, they are all good and particularly going into playoffs, so they are all better than they were at the start of the year."

On getting Adam Janecyk into the game ... "I think this team is a good group of kids, and they care about each other, and they wanted to see Janecyk in, and at one time they were yelling at me to change on the fly with the goalie. That's all we need is the goalies to run into each other when they are changing and have the puck go in the net and spoil Janny's night. But we wanted to get him in. We couldn't get a faceoff. So that's why Copp gave him the puck to get a face off so we could get Janny in. They're good kids, and they care about each other, and the kids that aren't maybe as key players on the team, like Luke Dwyer and Adam Janecyk, you can see the response from their teammates, so that's a pretty good sign."

U-M Senior Forward Luke Moffatt
On the importance of this game ... "The game had a lot of implications within the big ten and national tournament especially, also just great to get the senior night win and salvage the weekend a little bit."

On his circus goal batting the puck out of the air ... "I've never done anything like that; it was kind of a cool goal. I was happy to just be able to bat it in, all those years of my dad making me play baseball as a child paid off, which I hated. Hockey's definitely my sport."

U-M Senior Defenseman Mac Bennett
On the capabilities of his team ... "You know I said last night that we could beat that team. Tonight we just came out and did it, the second and third period we were just all over them. That's the number one team in the country, and again, if we're playing our game, we can beat anyone.

On avoiding a letdown ... "I don't think we were ever really discouraged because he came in and told us 'that team can be beat', I guess he even said it to you guys last night that if we play like that every night, were in a totally different spot right now. When were hot, the sky is the limit."

On thoughts going through his head on senior night ... "You know I didn't really even think about that until the end of my last shift. Downing came over and gave me a hug, and I was just kind of like whoa. This is the last shift Ill ever play here. I don't think I've quite wrapped my head around it."

U-M Sophomore Forward Andrew Copp
On the team learning its lesson ... "I think so. You never know until it happens, especially when it comes to holding leads, we learned our lesson. Like last weekend against Michigan state, even earlier in the season, you saw us change our mindset and kind of step on their throats a little bit when we got ahead. You know I thought you saw kind of that killer mentality that we need to play with all year.

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