Postgame Quotes: Michigan 5, #9 Western Michigan 1

March 16, 2013

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Michigan Head Coach Red Berenson
On realizing the season-long goal of making it to The Joe ... "Well, you want to get there, and then you want to do something when you get there. That sounded like a lofty goal to a lot of people about six weeks ago, when we said our goal was to get to Joe Louis. We knew it would be the hard way, and now here we are. Good for our team. You have to give our team a lot of credit, they've been through a lot this year, and they've stuck together, and they're having fun, and they're having some success."

On the timeout called before scoring the fifth goal ... "Well it was important. These games can go the other way; I mean I've seen 4-1 and 5-1 games go totally the other direction, especially if the home team is involved. Our guys were tired, they needed a breather, and we couldn't let them get going."

On what could be learned from the 1-1 tie after the first period ... "It shows you a lot of things. It shows you the shot chart isn't important; it shows you that in an instant this game can turn around even if you're playing well. And we were playing well; we stayed with it, and I think our team grew a lot this weekend."

On his pride in the team ... "Oh, I'm really proud of them. That's what coaching's all about. I've always said you know, you never give up on a player, and you never give up on a team. I'm glad they never gave up, and I know that I never gave up."

On whether Michigan sheds its underdog role heading to the Joe ... "It's always been Michigan. Our stock's been going up and down like General Motors, but nevertheless we're getting better, we've got a little mojo going, and we're headed to Joe Louis. Hopefully, they have fun."

U-M Senior A.J. Treais
On whether or not the game felt closer than 5-1 ... "Yeah, especially with a team like Western. This is, in my opinion, the hardest place to play in the CCHA. They're never out of it. We've played in games like up at Northern where we came back from pretty huge deficits, and we knew they were capable of that so, yeah, we had to keep our foot on the gas there."

On the intensity of the team ... "The further you go in the playoffs, you have to ramp it up even more. We've seen that out of our team; we've gotten the work done, and intensity is part of that."

On realizing the goal of making it to the Joe and what comes next ... "You know, obviously it's to win. I was in a similar situation to this my freshman year, and I have the same feeling about this team that I had back freshman year."

On being the underdog the past few weeks ... "I don't think our mindset changes. We're hot right now, but we're still the underdog; we'll probably be one of the lower seeds, so we're going to have to keep that mindset."

On the difference between the first and second periods ... "Just bearing down. They've got a real good goalie over there, and we got the best of him tonight. We caught him out of position a few times, and a few of those were empty net, but just getting pucks to the net and getting guys to the net."

U-M Senior Kevin Lynch
On the similarity between this year and 2010... "It feels a lot similar. Right now we're on a streak we can't lose. We know what's at stake, going to the Joe next weekend. We've got two games to finish this off, and we're ready."

On whether they carry a target with the Block 'M' on their chest and with how well they've been playing... "Yeah, obviously I think teams are scared of us right now. They know that hot streak; we've won eight games in a row. We're hungry right now. We want to put on a ring for a CCHA championship, so we're not done yet."

On the NCAA Streak creeping in their mind s... "Yeah, it's always been in the back of our minds, especially a couple months ago when we thought that we were going to end it. Coach did a great job telling us to take it game by game and shift by shift. That's what we've been doing, and that's why we're winning."

U-M Sophomore Alex Guptill
On his two-goal game ... "It's one of those nights where the puck always seems to be on your stick. Guys made good plays to me, and I had some good chances, and I got robbed early in the game, but we made plays."

On how good this success feels given where the team was earlier in the season ... "It's a completely different feel in the room right now. You can hear people screaming and yelling, so yeah it's an exciting feeling, and we're looking to keep things going."

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