Postgame Quotes: Waterloo 2, Michigan 1

Oct. 6, 2013

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Michigan Head Coach Red Berenson
On the game ... "A lot of the young players got their first game action, and I thought that was a good sign. I thought they held their own. I thought our goalies played well, and we found out tonight that they are tough team to score on. We only had a handful of good chances, and their goalie made the saves. Outside of that, it was a close game. When you play from behind sometimes it's harder to score, and we just couldn't get that goal we needed."

On the upcoming game against Boston College ... "Well, it's a little scary. Typically, a team like Boston College will come in with some of the best players in the country. We've got to play better without the puck, and I thought the Waterloo team played well without it and made it tough for us to get second shots. So once they got the lead, it made it tough for us, but Boston College will certainly be a whole new challenge."

On the gains made tonight by the freshmen ... "Well I think they got some experience, and I think they gained some confidence for the most part. They got the feeling they can play at this level, and they just need to get ready and get a little more experience. Overall, I thought they were a positive."

On sophomore goalie Steve Racine ... "I thought he played well. I mean he had some good saves. There were two rebound goals where he had to extend himself to make the saves. You can't do everything as a goalie, and we've got to give him a little more protection. And the second goal, the winning goal, was a four-on-two rush. They had our forwards trapped, and they beat our defense back and made a great play and scored."

On freshman goalie Zach Nagelvoort ... "I thought both goalies played well. It'll be a different challenge every game. He had a good start."

On the power play ... "We moved and controlled the puck very well. We really didn't finish well, and that's the next step."

On the play of the freshmen overall ... "I thought they all played well, and I thought each of the freshman forwards had a moment where they looked good; they just have to be able to play like that the whole game."

On the effectiveness of the penalty kill ... "I thought the penalty kill was very good. This time of year your power play is probably not quite as good as your penalty kill. We just have to make plays, and we couldn't tonight quite make really good plays. Overall, I think the penalty kill has the advantage this time of year."

On the age and experience of Waterloo ... "They probably two years older per man than our team. That's not an excuse, but like I told our guys, they're older, stronger and more experienced than we are, and we're going to really have to play well. Had we gotten the lead against them, it could have been a different game, but when you're playing from behind at home, it takes away from your home ice. Every game is a little different, but that's the way it was tonight."

U-M Senior Defenseman Mac Bennett
On his feelings on the game knowing Boston College is coming to town ... "I'm not really that discouraged. We just played nine freshmen who have never played college hockey before; I think we did okay. I think I saw a lot of good things. We had a lot of offensive chances; we just have to bury those chances, and as for the goals against, it's just backtracking stuff, nothing we can't fix. I think we have plenty of talent that can definitely match up to Boston College's; we just have to put it together and come out and play."

On whether or not the team has come together early ... "Yeah. For them, this is their chance to get their jitters out. I remember when I was a freshman, it's nerve wrecking. Especially playing in a place like Yost, in a game where you've never played that fast and physical before. It's a chance for them to get the jitters out and gel with us."

On his pairing with Nolan De Jong ... "I think it worked well. The first goal was my fault, I lost track of my man, and the second one was a two-on-four, but other than that I thought we moved the puck well. I thought we were skating well, breaking the puck out well, so we're just going to keep getting better."

On what they can do differently on the power play ... "Like (Copp) said, we just have to bury the chances that you have. I thought we moved it really, really well. Everything seemed like it was tape to tape, and it was moving fast. When you get pucks to the net, chances are it's not going to be a clean goal, so rebounds, tips, whatever it takes. We have to find a way to put it in."

U-M Sophomore Forward Andrew Copp
On his impressions of the offense ... "I think we just have to bury our chances. We had something like 15 shots in the first period and more than 30 in the game, so any time you're getting that amount of pucks to the front of the net they start going in at some point. Mine was a lucky bounce, but if we bury our chances, we'll be in good shape. A little bit was luck today, but we just need to bear down and be stronger in front of the net. I didn't think we got enough guys in front of the net, but we had tons of two-on-ones, tons of shots, and their goalie played well, so give him credit. Going strong to the front of the net will be huge going forward."

On whether today gives him confidence going into Boston College ... "Yeah, we're going to come into the Boston College game with a lot of confidence. You saw today, we were in their zone, and I think we carried the play for most of today. There were two times we got caught down low, and I think, like Mac said, the goals were on rushes, so I think we played a good 60 minutes."

On what they can do differently on the power play ... "I thought we moved the puck really well. We had a couple bounces; one went over Evan Allen's stick at the end there. We had one hop over our sticks, and that led to their four-on-two goal, so just fixing little things like that. We'll get there."

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