Postgame Quotes: #4 Michigan 2, #14 Boston University 1

Oct. 25, 2013

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Michigan Head Coach Red Berenson
On the disallowed goal ... "Well, I told my team, 'Whether it's a goal or not, we need to play another 11 minutes. Let's stay with it. We're playing well, we'll get another one.' And we did."

On the quality of game ... "Goals were at a premium tonight. You might not have thought it was a great game, but from the ice level it was a hard-fought game. Their team came out here with eight freshmen, and they played well. Maybe they didn't get a lot of chances, but they hung in the game the same way we did in New Hampshire. There weren't many mistakes in the game. There were very few blatant turnovers or blatant bad plays. This was a well played, hard played game between two teams. We might have had the momentum -- and we should have because we're at home and we've got to get on a run -- but we all know hockey is a game of momentum. These kids are embracing it, and they're doing well."

On Zach Nagelvoort ... "I liked our goalie. I really liked our goalie. This was his first home start. There was a lot of pressure on him for a lot of reasons: he's a local Michigan kid, his grandparents live here, he has always wanted to come to Michigan. This was his chance to start at home, and I thought he looked solid."

On the freshman line ... "I just have a good feel for them, I've always played young players. I just had a good feel for these three. They're competing hard; they're always making good decisions on the ice. We went through all three lines going into that, but I've got a lot more confidence in our team defensively right now than we might have had a year ago."

On the atmosphere at Yost ... "It'll get louder. It's all about our great fans and our team. If our team plays well, we'll hear about it. It's like another man on the ice when our crowd gets into it. They're terrific."

U-M Freshman Forward Tyler Motte
On his goal ... "Power-play goal; Mac [Bennett] made a great cross-ice pass to me, and I really had an empty net. I did everything I could to put it in the back of the net, and it was good for us to get back into it and tie it up in the third."

On Mac Bennett's assist on his goal ... "Unbelievable. It made it through sticks, through traffic, and it ended up right on my stick. He's been around making those passes for years, so it's no surprise; you have to be ready for things that go back door."

On his first two games playing at Yost ... "It's been an unbelievable experience. The reasons you come to Michigan, playing games like these and trying to win games like these, and that's what we do. The locker room really prepares you for it. You go out in practice everyday, and this is the reason you come here, to play games like these. It's an honor to be a part of it, and I'm pretty sure we've got more to come."

U-M Junior Forward Alex Guptill
On his breakaway that set up the penalty shot ... "Boo (Nieves) made a great pass there on the breakaway. He hit me on the tape, and I actually lost it the first time I got it, then got it back. He hooked my hand, so I figured they'd probably call a penalty shot on it, and when they did it was pretty nerve-racking, to be honest. My heart was racing pretty good, and I was thinking going back in about how big he was, and I played against him back in the Ontario leagues. I thought to go five-hole, and I came in and made a quick move to the forehand and just got rid of it."

On the play of Boo Nieves tonight ... "The kid is absolutely just lightning fast. He's a superstar, and there's nothing else to say about it. He's one of the best players in college hockey, and it's just an honor to be able to play on his line. He could be playing in the NHL right now, honestly, and I'm just happy to be playing with him."

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