Postgame Quotes: Bowling Green 4, #15 Michigan 2

Nov. 20, 2009

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Michigan Head Coach Red Berenson
On tonight's game... "Well, our start of the game was pretty good. We had some point blank chances that we didn't capitalize on, but we got the lead in the game and that was important. Now you go into the third period with a two-to-one lead and it's anyone's game. I thought we were playing decent and then we took those two penalties. The strength of our team, up until now, has been penalty killing. We couldn't kill that five on three; not even close. Then they scored on the five on four: it's just too easy. All of a sudden, it's a whole new game. Goals have been hard to come by for us of late and we just couldn't come from behind. You want to and you hope you can. We had our chances and I'm not sure who it was that hit the goalie in the mask. That's where pucks are going; they're just not going in the net."

On if this is a snowball effect for Michigan hockey... "I don't know if it snowballs. I think there were a few moments in the game that our power play showed something. This is a test for our team. This is a real test of character and leadership. Every player in that locker room is really feeling the heat now. It's not Michigan hockey but right now we just got to get ourselves going in the right direction. We played parts of the game well, but you have got to have the whole game. I could say that for every game we've been in and in the last four games, including tonight, it's been a one-goal game going into the third period. We've either shot ourselves in the foot, or given up a bad goal, or given up a bad penalty."

On what he said to the team after the game... "We've got to stick together. We have to play smarter. There is no margin for error. You saw two mistakes by our defense in East Lansing cost us the game. We make a bad decision on the penalty kill and our penalty killers can't kill it. There is no margin for error right now. The puck is not going in. We don't have a surplus of goals that we can afford to give up one bad goal -- one unearned goal."

Senior Defender Chris Summers
On how Michigan hockey is going to turn things around... "It has to be on an individual basis. You have to make sure you show up at the rink every day. I don't think that as a team everyone showed up. It has to filter into the rest of the team. It's hard to stay positive in times like this but this is going to happen. You can't have a perfect season every year. You have to fight it out, keep fighting, and stay positive."

Junior Forward Louie Caporusso
On losing five games in a row... "Obviously, this isn't Michigan hockey. Michigan hockey isn't known to lose five games in a row. I don't remember the last time that happened. It definitely hasn't been since I've been here. It doesn't sit well. It doesn't feel good when you belong to a team that is not playing Michigan-hockey caliber. I think there is a light at the end of the tunnel. These things happen. A lot of teams go through this sort of thing. Even the best teams go through this sort of thing. I'm not too concerned. I think the bounces will come and we will work our way out of this."

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