Postgame Quotes: Michigan 3, Bowling Green 1

Nov. 21, 2012

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Michigan Head Coach Red Berenson
On success in second period ... "I thought we stuck to our game plan and we didn't give up much, yet we got lucky. There was a spot where we gave the puck away and they got a good scoring chance, but we made the save and then went down and scored. That can be a turning point in the game. Mostly, it was just hard work and blue-collar hockey."

On goal at the end of first period ... "I thought we had a real good period other than giving up that goal. We just had to put it behind us and start over; that's how we approach the game. One period at a time, even if we have a great period, just put it behind us and move on, and that's what we did."

On Alex Guptill and Phil Di Giuseppe switching spots ... "I thought it showed some good signs. Phil has played a lot with A.J. (Treais), and they can find each other on the ice pretty well. I thought Boo Nieves made a nice play on A.J.'s goal behind the net, and it started with Phil throwing the puck in. So he fit in well. Guptill scored most of his goals playing with Kevin Lynch earlier in the year, and we moved him for other reasons, just trying to get the team going rather than him, but it's good to see him on the scoreboard."

On third-period defense ... "Part of our good defense was we played in their zone a lot, and then the other part is everybody is a little bit more responsible; now we know what can happen, we never know what shift it will be, so everyone is always just a little bit more accountable."

On impact of win going into game against Cornell... "We need to have a little humility, that's a game we had to win. They're down near the bottom where we are, and it's just a game you have to win. We are going to play a much better, bigger stronger team when we play Cornell, so we have to be ready."

On losing Travis Lynch ... "It kind of upset the rotation, so I threw (Justin) Selman out there at times. Guptill played center a little more. Kevin Lynch got some extra shifts, so we just filled in different guys. Even (Zach) Hyman played a shift at center, so we just plug in different guys and we can handle that. It was disappointing losing a player that early in the game. I'm just grateful it wasn't a DQ."

U-M Sophomore Forward Alex Guptill
On whether Bowling Green's late first-period goal hurt their momentum ... "It's a bit of a heartbreaker, but we've been dealing with that stuff all year. They scored with, I think, two seconds left after we dominated the period, so that's tough that they get one shot, and it's in like that. The guys did a good job handling it, and we got the win tonight, so that's all that matters."

On preparing for Cornell on short rest ... "Yeah I think they changed it a bit. We normally play on back-to-back nights, but I think this team works really hard in the offseason, so I think it's something we can handle. I think it's just something we're going to have to deal with. We might have some tired legs out there, but we just have to stick to our game plan."

On excitement of playing at Madison Square Garden ... "I think it's a little bit of nerves and excitement. Obviously, you got NHL guys playing there. For me, I've never liked playing at the NHL rinks, especially The Joe (Joe Louis Arena), so we'll see, but it'll be fun."

On whether shot control was a focus ... "We preach a lot of shot blocking. On that five-minute power play, we got our penalty killers out there, and I think DeBlois ate two or three in a row, so that gives our team momentum. Those guys that are eating pucks are definitely a big help to our team."

U-M Sophomore Forward Phil DiGiuseppe
On his comfort level of playing the opposite wing tonight ... "Yeah, I think I'm comfortable playing with both guys. I can play with anybody on the team, so it wasn't that big of a deal. He's (Guptill) played with Kevin Lynch and DeBlois before, and I've played with A.J. before. First time playing with Boo, but I think we handled it well."

On what was different tonight that led to better puck movement ... "I think tonight we kind of struggled getting the puck, but once we got it, we moved it well. It's been a struggle, but we practice every Tuesday and Wednesday on our power play, so you can see it improving out there."

On whether shot control was a focus ... "Yeah, I think our mentality is we want to outshoot the team every night, obviously, and we've been doing that, but we've been giving up some brutal shots. I think today they didn't have many great chances."

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