Postgame Quotes: #3 Michigan 4, Ohio State 3 (OT)

Nov. 29, 2013

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Michigan Head Coach Red Berenson

On whether or not Michigan deserved to win tonight ... "I thought we were playing well at times, and I thought we were sloppy at times. Let's face it, you have a-one goal lead in the third period at home, that's pretty disappointing when you give it up, and especially in the way we gave it up. We turned the puck over and gave it right to them, and they scored. On the other side, our penalty killing couldn't seem to kill a full two-minute penalty. As a result, we were on our heels. We gave up too many goals, and I thought we were lucky to win. It was a great play on Mac Bennett and Andrew Copp for the overtime goal, but we need to play better than that."

On OSU having 17 blocked shots in the first period ... "That was unbelievable. I have to watch the tape again and see if I can count 17 shots, but you might give up 17 blocks in a game, let alone the first period. And it wasn't like we were outshooting them. We had a few more attempts but way too many shots blocked. That means we have to get shots through from the point, we have to be more deceptive, and we have to make things happen quicker."

On the first Big Ten win being against Ohio State ... "It's our first opponent, but it's good. It's a good feeling in the locker room, and this was a big game for our team to play. This is the first time in the Big Ten, even though it's a familiar opponent, But I thought a lot of our players might have gotten caught up in all the hoopla and all the expectations, rather than just playing the game hard. But it feels good to win that game."

U-M Junior Alex Guptill

On his go-ahead goal in the second period ... "I think it was huge. You know we kind of lost the lead there at the end, because we were up 2-1, and then to get that one at the end was definitely a momentum swing for sure."

On what to expect from the Big Ten Conference going forward ... "We're in the Big Ten now, and the rivalry with Ohio State, the way crowd was tonight, was really fun. I think that's the first time since I've been here, as a freshman, that I haven't seen one open seat in the entire place. It was definitely nice and definitely cool to see the fans on our side tonight, and it was just a lot of fun."

U-M Sophomore Andrew Copp

On the overall play in the second and third periods ... "I thought we were pressuring them, and I thought we had chances. I had posts, and they ended up getting one in really late, which was kind of a deflator at the time, but at the same time we knew there was still plenty of game left to go. We knew that we couldn't afford to give up that lead, but we did, but fortunately we were able to bounce back."

On the game-winning goal ... "We had talked about having our center high all week long, so we kind of drew up the play off that faceoff, and both our guys knew their defenders had been playing pretty wide out. It ended up just being a picture-perfect pass by Mac (Bennett), and I was fortunate enough to bury it."

On this game-winner compared to others ... "Any time you're playing Ohio State, on a weekend like this, where Big Ten hockey starts up, I think that's going to rank pretty high."

U-M Freshman JT Compher

On his second-period goal after getting into a scrum in the net ... "I'm usually a feisty player, so getting into it isn't anything really new to me. The shot was a lucky bounce for me, open net, great shot by Luke (Moffatt), and I got a good bounce in front of the net."

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